Is it possible to grow hazelnuts in the garden?

I think that everyone loves nuts, without exception. Of course, someone prefers pistachios to beer, while someone loves to feast on chocolate with almonds. But nuts are a real storehouse of nutrients and vitamins and, of course, taste. One of the most popular, beloved and familiar to all nuts is hazelnuts.

These rounded nuts are most often depicted exactly when they want to draw the nuts as such. Recall, for example, the Pushkin squirrel in the fairy tale "About Tsar Saltan" or the schematic image of healthy food, where hazelnuts are usually depicted as useful nuts. But, I think, many do not know that hazelnuts are just a hazelnut. Yes, the same hazel that grows in the forests in central Russia. By the way, trees, which can reach a height of 25 meters, and not too tall shrubs belonging to the birch family, are also called hazel. And the genus of hazel itself has more than 20 varieties.

Hazel itself is an amazing plant. She is very beautiful both when she hangs earrings on the branches in the spring, and in the summer - with leaves that have gained strength, round, like coins, leaves, and in the fall, when nut nests are gaining ripeness. Hazel wood is a valuable wood species with a beautiful texture and durability. A shrub or hazel tree is surprisingly decorative. Moreover, there is a variety of hazel, which is called the Variegated. The trunk of hazel can have a very bizarre shape, which makes this plant attractive for landscape design.

Growing hazel on your site is not so difficult. Even from a simple hazelnut, through not cunning manipulations such as soaking and stratification, you can get a full-fledged, fruiting plant.

Good luck!

User avatar Wika

In this case, it all depends on where the garden plot is. If in the southern regions of Russia, then easily.

User avatar Oleg

I think that if the site is located somewhere south of Tver, then there should be no problems with this, I just do not see much sense, I try to occupy the area only with fruit trees.