The most interesting and creative ideas for giving

A garden plot is not just a piece of land where various crops are grown, it is a resting place and personal pride of every gardener. Summer residents in various ways strive to decorate their site, make it even more beautiful, convenient and at the same time lavishly yielding crops.

Many summer residents live in their summer cottages, so they organize a real resting place for the whole family there. You don't have to spend a lot of money on registration landscape design or garden furniture. Many things can be done by yourself from scrap materials or you can purchase some of them, adding your imagination to make the site even more original.


Interesting ideas for giving from plastic bottles

Interesting ideas for giving from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are an affordable and cheap material from which you can make almost anything. Many people find such garden decorations too cheap to look at, but with a certain skill, amazingly beautiful things can be made.

The only difficulty of such crafts is the large number of accumulated bottles. Sometimes, in order to get things done, you have to save up bottles for several years or buy them separately.

Interesting ideas for giving from plastic bottles include far from only crafts and flower beds, but also real large-scale buildings.

Some people think that plastic is no worse than brick. In some countries (Bolivia, Honduras), people even live in houses made of plastic bottles, there is a whole line of construction dedicated exclusively to plastic.

However, small buildings, fences, gazebos, children's homes may well exist in our gardens:

  • Animals from plastic bottles. Almost any animal can be made from bottles and wire using any technique. The main thing is that at the end the structure resembles one or another animal. For beginners, you can start with simple designs, for example, take a five-liter plastic canister, paint it in the form of a pig, attaching legs. Then you can move on to more labor-intensive products, such as making a rooster or peacock for the garden. For such products, it is imperative to purchase various resistant paints, wire, a knife and an awl.
  • Fence. From bottles, you can make a small fence for a garden or flower bed, simply sticking them into the ground to a certain depth, or make a real high fence, if the number of bottles allows. If you need a loose fence, it is enough to fasten the bottles with wire using the lattice method. For a tight fence, you need to make a plastic sheet from the bottles, cut them and fasten them with wire.
  • A gazebo made of plastic. Even with the simplicity of construction, it is better to make a drawing and think over everything in advance. For a lightweight construction, wire bonding will be enough; for a more durable gazebo, you will need sand and other building materials.

Flower bed decoration

Flower bed decoration

Flower beds can be decorated in various ways. First of all, of course, flowers are chosen, the overall picture is thought out.But in addition to the plants themselves, a fence, additional figures, etc. also serve as decoration.

The entire flower bed as a whole, together with the fence, figurines and crafts, should make up a complete picture. For non-standard flower beds in the country, you can use even the most unexpected improvised materials, unnecessary things, etc.

  • Old furniture. From old chairs, armchairs and even a bed, you can make a very original flower bed. It is enough to paint the furniture, cut out the middle and plant small, but bright flowers there. You can put bindweed on the back and legs. The only difficulty is that such structures require a lot of space on the site, but the result is worth it. The feeling of a magical abandoned garden will be created.
  • Stones. Stone-fenced flower beds are very popular in garden plots. The stone looks beautiful, expensive, you can make a structure from it, paint, etc. The flower beds look original and beautiful, where the stones are laid out in the form of a spiral. Small flowers are planted between the rows of stones. It is easy to make and high from stones flower bed, if you put them in rows one on top of the other.
  • Old tires. A popular and inexpensive method for decorating flower beds. The easiest way is to paint the tire and plant it in the center flowers, but you can think of more complex designs. If there are tires of different sizes, you can make a cascading flower bed, build a cup and a teapot out of them (instead of a spout - a piece of pipe), cut a flower out of a large tire, or make a swan, and plant flowers in the middle.
  • Barrels and tanks. The simplest, but quite effective design of flower beds. Flowers are simply planted in a barrel, and it itself is already painted for every taste. Such flower beds, painted under a boy and a girl, will look very beautiful. At the tanks, they draw eyes, elements of clothing, a mouth, you can make arms and legs from plastic bottles or tires, and flowers in this case will replace hair.
  • Old shoes. Oddly enough, even shoes can be useful for the original design of flower beds. It can be placed next to the flower bed for decoration, or you can plant flowers directly in your shoes. For example, you can hang multi-colored large rubber boots on the fence and plant small or curly flowers in them.

DIY garden furniture

DIY garden furniture

Not all summer residents prefer to buy expensive garden furniture. Country furniture is different from home furniture. It is seasonal and does not require complex structures, so you can do it yourself, and at the same time surprise guests and neighbors with originality:

  • For lovers of environmental friendliness, simple and cozy wooden furniture is suitable. To do this, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive building materials; such furniture can be made from large branches and even the roots of existing trees. For novice carpenters, this option is perfect, since the material is inexpensive and easy to process.
  • Old tree stumps can also be used to make custom garden furniture. You can cut figures out of them, and use old pallets or the bottom of a barrel as a seat.
  • It is very easy to make furniture from existing planks. You can use nails to hold them together. The boards are simply connected in such a way as to make a bench and a table. The main requirement is strength. For decoration, all furniture can be painted and varnished.
  • You can make interesting garden furniture from tires. In this case, you can use both complex techniques and the simplest ideas. For example, you can cover the tires with a dense multicolored fabric, fold 2 covered tires on top of each other and fasten them together. You will get a comfortable ottoman. It is easy to attach a backrest from the same tire to such a design. If you upholster the tires with twine, you get interesting furniture. Guests will not immediately guess what it is made of.
  • You can even make furniture from plastic bottles if you hold them together firmly enough in the form of a stool or table. You can even use ordinary tape for fastening.To sit softly, pillows are placed on such furniture or upholstered with a thick soft cloth. Do not forget to test the strength of the furniture before offering it to guests.
  • The most creative gardeners can even make furniture from an old bathtub. The biggest difficulty with such a craft is to cut exactly one of the walls of the bathtub to make a sofa. Then the resulting sofa needs to be painted, upholstered with a cloth or put on a soft long pillow and come up with legs so that the structure stands firmly on the ground.

Mini pond in the garden

Mini pond in the garden

What summer resident does not dream of having a reservoir or pond on your site. However, digging a hole, filling it with plenty of water, and cleaning a large pond is time consuming and expensive. To please yourself and surprise guests, you can make a small pond.

There are several options for such reservoirs and none will require large costs or efforts (for example, when digging a hole). There is practically nothing to dig and build.

To fill such a pond, you will need gravel, aquatic plants and water itself:

  • From the barrel. You can take any container of the desired size, mark it anywhere in the garden, fill it with soil, plants, gravel and water. But it is important to make sure that the barrel does not leak water. If it is cracked, a layer of film or other coating must be attached inside to prevent leakage. You can put water lilies or other flowers on top and change them regularly. Such a mini pond looks very romantic and beautiful.
  • A pond with a fountain. If you want a fountain in addition to a reservoir, consider where the water will go. For this purpose, it is better to dig the container into the ground. Make sure that the soil does not become waterlogged. If desired, such a fountain can be temporary. Water can only be poured in the presence of guests. If you show your imagination, you can come up with an original fountain, for example, from an old teapot. If you are planting many plants in a pond, remember that they need calm water to grow well.
  • From the box. You can make a small pond in an old large wooden box. It is not necessary to put it on the ground, such a pond can be placed higher, taking care also that the box does not leak. A large box can be divided into sections and alternated: in one section to plant flowers, in the other to make a pond. This garden decoration will look very original.
  • From the old bath. If you have an old bathtub in your garden, it will make a beautiful pond effortlessly. It is advisable to decorate the bath with any moisture-resistant material, pour soil, plant aquatic plants, sprinkle gravel on top so that the soil does not erode, and fill everything with water. An original and beautiful mini pond is ready. It is good to do around such a reservoir flower beds... Use any figurines, stones, flower pots as decorations.

Interesting ideas for a garden scarecrow

Interesting ideas for a garden scarecrow

The garden scarecrow has been used for a long time to scare away birds, which can destroy a significant part of harvest... Now summer residents decorate their site in all possible ways, so the scarecrow has ceased to fulfill only the role of a protector of the harvest, it should become a part of the entire design.

Making a beautiful and most naturalistic scarecrow is a real art that requires imagination and some effort.

It will help scare off not only birds, but also other uninvited guests. Ideas:

  • Scarecrow flower bed. Such a scarecrow performs 2 functions at once - it scares away birds and serves as a garden decoration. You need to fold the flower pots and fix them in such a way that you get a man taller than 1.5 m. You can plant any flowers you like in the pots.
  • Scarecrow made of straw. The traditional scarecrow was made from straw that was stuffed into cloth bags. Until now, this technique remains very popular. You can easily sew or paint eyes and mouth on the head bag. Any clothing that a gardener has will do, as well as a hat.
  • Pumpkin scarecrow. Such a scarecrow may not only be on Halloween.One has only to remember that pumpkin can attract birds and other pests garden. You can make a body from a frame and rags, and a head from pumpkin... Pumpkin tends to rot, so it will have to be replaced over time.
  • Scarecrow with humor. A sense of humor does not interfere with making an original and very naturalistic scarecrow. For example, you can think of a scarecrow, which is the lower part of a person sticking out of a bush, or a person climbing stairs, legs sticking out of the ground, etc. Less material is needed for such an idea, but birds may not perceive this scarecrow as a whole person.
  • Scarecrow from horror movies. The most frightening scarecrow will help wean neighbors or other uninvited guests from visiting your site at night, if this happens. To do this, you need to make the most creepy and naturalistic scarecrow possible. If you wish, you can very well fit it into the general idea. To create such a scarecrow, you need a frame (two sticks of different sizes, fastened in a cross, a short stick - shoulders) and whatever black things you can find. A long raincoat with a hood, which is easy to make yourself, will also come in handy.

Garden path decoration

Garden path decoration

The garden path is a separate part of the plot. As a rule, it is formed by accident, when the gardener often walks along the same path past the beds. However, the path can become a real decoration of the suburban area.

The garden path is designed not only for beauty, but also for convenience.

Trail ideas:

  • Non-standard garden paths made of wood look very beautiful. With the correct and durable coating, such a track will last for many years. It is very simple to do it, just lay the boards in the right direction. To prevent the path from being washed away by rain, it can be done at some distance from the ground. In this case, there should also be a distance between the boards so that the ground under the path is ventilated and the boards do not rot.
  • As a material for the path, you can use wooden chocks, tree cuts. They are simply driven in and dug into the ground to the desired depth, a very convenient path is obtained. First, the chocks must be treated with a special agent that protects the tree from decay.
  • A very durable, beautiful and strong track is obtained from ready-made polystyrene forms, which are easy to find in any hardware store. A special solution is poured into the molds and parts of the future track are made. The most difficult thing is to let such a path dry for a couple of days. It needs to be carefully protected from children, pets and unsuspecting neighbors. On top of such a path can be laid out with pieces of tile until the solution is completely dry.

You can make a path by simply sprinkling it with gravel or bark, but the inconvenience will be that the surface is uneven, it will not always be convenient to walk on it, and even more so to carry something on a wheelbarrow.

More information can be found in the video.

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I really liked the garden furniture made from car tires. Using the same technology, you can make not only chairs, but also any sun beds. On which it would be possible to relax in the garden at the dacha after dinner.

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I liked the scarecrow, I would also put it on my site. We also have a mini-pond on the site, only we dug an old round bowl into the ground, and laid a stone on top in a circle in several rows.