Growing a perilla for unusual gardening of a flower bed

Very often on the lawns in cities you can see purple plantings of beautiful plants, which in all appearance are very similar to basil. This plant is called perilla and it looks very impressive in combination with lighter plants.

By and large, growing a perilla is not difficult at all. In caring for this plant, it is very important to loosen the soil regularly, water it at least 2-3 times a week, remove weeds and feed it regularly. It is advisable to water the perilla with warm water, but it is advisable to plant the plant in the soil from pre-grown seedlings, which received their dose of vitamins and microelements important for it. Growing perilla for seedlings is also very simple - you just need to sow seeds in well-loosened and fertilized soil from early April to mid-May, as in a couple of days the perilla sprouts will break through and in a sunny place it will begin to grow very quickly, requiring more space. Previously, the seeds can be soaked for 2-3 days so that they germinate faster.

In caring for the railings, it can be pruned so that the plant becomes more bushy and even of a certain shape. The central stem is pinched and the plant begins to grow in width. If the rail is not cut in time, it can reach 1 meter in height.

It is advisable to move small plants to the greenhouse by diving into pots or boxes. The perilla can be planted in open ground as soon as the spring frosts have stopped, but it is better to do this in early May.

User avatar Tigranyan

We use the cultivation of perilla for unusual gardening of flower beds and we are in our country house and all guests are very interested in this plant very actively. Very nice and cute.