The most original decorations for giving with your own hands

The owners want to turn even a small country cottage into a place where the whole family can get out for the summer. And for this you need to think over the design of not only the house, but also the territory around it. And there is no need for special expenses, so that for everyone there is a corner where you can spend time pleasantly admiring the decorative landscape.

Gardeners-summer residents embody their fantasies in suburban areas. A variety of materials, objects that are high time to be thrown away, plastic bottles are used. If you approach the decoration of the territory of the dacha thoroughly, having thought over everything to the smallest detail, then after a while it will be pleasant to rest on it not only in summer.


On the garden paths barefoot

On the garden paths barefoot

The first steps to tidying up the site begin with tracks, which will help to plan the territory into zones. They will form the basis of one style of country house design. No matter what material the paths are built from, they begin with a markup.

Having determined the width and length of the path, the leveled bottom of the pit is laid out with a layer of rubble and then sand. On this pillow, you can put bricks, stone, wooden rounds, fastening them with mortar. The curb for the paths is usually made of brick or just the edges are covered with gravel.

In order not to lay out trails every year, it is better to choose a resistant material for them that does not require additional maintenance.

The paths made of concrete using special forms for a stone, or of pebbles lined with patterns look original, beautifully look. From above, any material can be coated with paint. And for wooden sidewalks, a special impregnation is needed, which saves them from cracking and decay. Garden paths can be the main wide and narrow secondary ones, laid along the lawns, along the banks of an artificial reservoir.

Original flower beds - islets of flowers

Original flower beds - islands of flowers

Without flower beds not a single cottage does. They delight with their beauty, fragrance, create high spirits. There are many ideas for decorating beautiful flower beds with your own hands:

  • With a classic design, flower beds should also be of a strict geometric shape with borders made of stone and brick. To impart durability, the material is bonded with cement.
  • On the territory, decorated in a rustic style, wicker fences, wooden carts made of boards are used. A flowerbed looks beautiful near the wattle fence, similar to a low well.
  • You can plant flowers in broken clay jugs, basins, buckets. Decorated with interesting elements, they look unusual against the background of green grass.
  • Small flower beds with flowers in piglets, trains made from plastic bottles are popular.
  • And without making a flower bed from old tires, not a single summer cottage can do. These are snow-white swans and figures of merry frogs.
  • Many plant flowers in old shoes, shoes, rubber boots.
  • Old bicycles are suitable for arranging flower beds. Even in the drawers of an old chest of drawers, flowering plants can take root.
  • Flower pots are placed in the grooves of old stumps, in the holes of painted chairs.

It is necessary to think over the location of flower beds in advance, and each of them should have its own types of perennials and annuals.

On the shore of an artificial reservoir

On the shore of an artificial reservoir

It is possible to use a reservoir, even a miniature one, for landscape design solutions. First of all, you need to find a place for him where the sun would rarely look. The shade will prevent bacteria from developing in stagnant water and kill all the inhabitants of the pond. After digging a pit under an artificial lake, the bottom and sides are laid out with a polyethylene film. It is possible to adapt any container under the pond - a large basin, a plastic bathtub.

An artificial reservoir in the country will allow you to enjoy the shade and coolness on a hot summer day.

The design of the banks consists in strengthening them with pebbles, sand or stone. The soil is laid out on the bottom, but it is better to put baskets or flower pots there, filled with nutritious soil with a layer of pebbles on top. Plants that prefer to live in water can be placed there - water lilies, lotus, water lilies. But you need to fill the pond with flowers only by one third, otherwise the plants will grow strongly, destroying all living things around. Duckweed is dangerous in this sense, which should not be specially planted.

To make the artificial pond attractive, you can put a small old boat on the shore, turning it into a blooming island. It is interesting to adapt a piece of foam plastic or plastic basins in which irises and daylilies are planted for floating flower beds. An anchor will help to keep such flower beds afloat. For relaxation in the shade of the pond, paths with benches and a table are arranged along the banks. And to make it convenient for children to splash around in the lake, they make bridges of wooden rounds or planks.

The whole family - in a cozy gazebo

The whole family - in a cozy gazebo

In addition to the house, the main decoration of the garden will be a gazebo designed for relaxation and communication. It should fit into the landscape while maintaining the design style of the site.

The gazebo is planned to be open or closed. The material for its manufacture is often wood, although durable brick, decorative stone can be used.

You can decorate the room in different ways:

  • Rustic, primitive motifs are associated with the use of moss-covered branches and stones in the design. A roughly woven basket with fruits or mushrooms will complement the interior. Then, next to the veranda, you can put interesting, varnished, impregnated driftwood of an intricate shape, similar to the figures of animals and people.
  • The rustic style is both a kerosene lamp on the table and decorative nails on the wall instead of a hanger.
  • Ornaments on the walls, a carpet with satin cushions on the floor, and flower arrangements will add fabulousness to the gazebo.
  • Contemporary styles are characterized by experimentation in mixing different forms. Many people will love the bar counter with comfortable chairs, which can be made from well-crafted boards. And around - paintings, art Nouveau compositions made of plastic, metal shavings, old discs.

The decorativeness of the gazebo should be combined with the nature of its purpose, then it will become a favorite place of communication for all family members and their friends.

Funny figures from different materials

Funny figures from different materials

Sculptural compositions on the dacha territory will revive it, make it original. You can buy a lot of interesting things in stores, but it's better to come up with and make figures with your own hands.

Interesting ideas:

  • For an ecological or rustic style, wood sculptures will look good - characters of Russian folk tales, brownies, water, gnomes.The smaller the area of ​​the site, the smaller the composition should be.
  • For a dark corner of the garden, light ones made of birch figurines of lovers on a bench or peacefully talking grandfather and grandmother. How to dress up the heroes is already a fantasy of summer residents. Old straw hats, clothes from grandma's chests will do.
  • For butterflies, bees cut from plastic bottles, there is a place on the branches of trees, on the fence. By painting simple cobblestones, you get ladybirds crawling on the green grass.
  • Palms, bells, sunflowers are original decorations, which are made using plastic bottles of different sizes, followed by painting.
  • And you can find a place for a stuffed animal by dressing it up in an elegant hat and an old grandmother's dress or a sundress. It will not only scare off crows, but will also cheer you up with its smile on a rag face.

When placing figures on your site, one must not forget about the sense of proportion. They should be in place, expressing the main idea of ​​the idea. Excessive settlement of a small area with different figures speaks of the bad taste of the summer resident. It is better over time, when the sculptures become unusable, to replace them with other compositional ideas.

Beautiful lanterns

Beautiful lanterns

Being in nature always sets you up for a romantic mood, so it's good when unusual lanterns are lit in the garden in the evening.

It is easy to make them from cans that have been previously cleaned with a pattern applied to the surface. Be sure to make miniature holes of different diameters in the walls of the vessel. It remains to attach a handle for hanging on a tree branch or a pin for installation in the ground lawnand the lamp is ready.

The candles put inside are lit in the evening, illuminating the area with a soft openwork light.

Glass jars with stained-glass decoration or painted with acrylic paints using a contour are suitable for the manufacture of lanterns. They can be placed on elevations, special shelves. And in the evenings, a candle inside them will add romance to a vacation outside the city.

Using candles for lanterns in the garden is not always convenient, so they can be replaced with solar panels. Such elements consist of a battery that absorbs the energy of a luminary during the day. As soon as evening falls, the batteries will start supplying light for ten to twelve hours. The aesthetic appeal of lanterns can be used to decorate the territory.

Swing in the garden

Swing in the garden

A play area for children at the dacha must be organized. It includes not only sandboxes of various shapes, but also a swing - a favorite entertainment for everyone, young and old. You can make an ordinary swing from a log - a balancer. And for children it can be both a crocodile and an airplane with wings.

The design of the swing must be safe and must fit into the overall look of the garden.

To make suspended structures, you need to figure out what to make a seat from. You can take old tires, an old chair, removing its legs. A hoop tied with a strong rope will also do. An important condition is the ability to firmly connect the seat with a rope or chain, hang it on a horizontal bar or between trees.

You can make a swing by hanging the bench on the crossbeam of the uprights. The racks can be made of metal or wood, but they must be dug into the ground to a depth of at least a meter, covered with a mixture of sand and gravel, and concreted. To make the frame more stable, braces are attached to the racks. The seat for such a swing is made of a picket fence. The material is screwed to the prepared supports, and the rope is tied to the bench on all four sides. Such a swing is convenient for both young and old people to relax. The shape of the swing seat can be made in different ways, but before placing children on it, the safety of the structure must be tested.

Feed the birds - original feeders

Feed the birds - original feeders

Birds will also find a place in the garden - they will wake up in the morning with cheerful singing, fight insect pests of fruit trees and flowers. For those who love working with wood, it will not be difficult to build a house for feathered pets. Guests will also arrive at the wide area on winter days.

Feeder Ideas:

  • A house made of twigs is considered to be easy to manufacture. It will blend in with the rustic style of the site.
  • An interesting form of a feeder made from an old stump. The middle is removed from it after cutting one side. The feeder is suspended from tree branches by a bolted rope or chain.
  • A simple option for a feeder would be a plastic bottle. Wooden sticks inserted into it, which look like flat spoons at one end, will allow the food to spill out of the bottle onto a wide surface.
  • And here is an example of another structure. On both sides of the bottle, holes are cut on the side. For the convenience of the birds, a stick is inserted on which they will sit. Such feeders are attached to tree branches with twine or twine.
  • A five-liter container can be the basis for a hopper feeder. A smaller bottle is inserted into it with the neck down, into which the food is poured. As the beans decrease, they will be replenished at the bottom of the large bottle.

You can design the form for the feeder yourself, making it an addition to the design of the garden area.

We decorate the fence

We decorate the fence

By the fence of the site, you can guess whether or not a creative person lives behind this fence. It's easy, of course, to put up a simple, uncomplicated fence made of painted boards, a picket fence, and a metal profile. But the same picket fence can be turned into a set of colored pencils or into persistent tin soldiers.

Along with decorating the fence, do not forget about the cleanliness around it, the absence of debris, weeds.

The wicker fence looks original. It will take time to make, but then it will allow you to admire the unusual creation of your own hands. For him, not only willow twigs, but cut raspberry branches are suitable. The combination of branches will allow you to create an original range of hedges, a different weaving relief. It is necessary to weave rods on strong stakes or pieces of pipes with a diameter of up to twenty millimeters. The latter option is the most acceptable due to its high reliability and durability. Wooden stakes will quickly rot. Clay pots painted with funny faces can be hung on the protruding wattle poles, and decorative plates with folk ornaments can be tied to the wattle branches.

Even a simple wooden fence can be decorated with climbing plants, hanging flowerpots with bright flowers, and a number of original lanterns can be hung above it. It is good to cut funny silhouettes of fairy-tale characters in the boards of the hedge or draw them together with the children.

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