Do-it-yourself garden scarecrow: an overview of the best ideas

Summer cottages are often attacked by birds that can quickly destroy a rich harvest of tasty fruits. For a long time, man protected the plantings from raids of birds with the help of a scarecrow, whose elements could drive away winged robbers with their appearance and sound - forty, crows, sparrows. Old unnecessary things were used to make a garden doll. The scarecrow had a human form that served to intimidate. But now such a figure can become part of the design of the suburban area.

It is easy to make a figure that would keep birds away from garden trees and shrubs. This requires bright old rags, wooden sticks. Usually the scarecrow is a tall figure. And the sounding objects attached to it will scare away even the most daring thief. There are many ways to make such a doll.


An overview of the materials from which you can make a garden scarecrow

An overview of the materials from which you can make a garden scarecrow

There are many options for making stuffed animals for the garden and vegetable garden, but the main task is the correct selection of materials. They should be bright, voluminous, dry quickly after rainy weather.

It is best to use such materials for a garden scarecrow that will not tear from the wind, will not dry out under the rays of the sun:

  • Combining straw or dry grass with wooden sticks is the simplest material always at hand. Its peculiarity is that it will not only be preserved during the summer, but will also be harmoniously combined with the rustic style of the garden.
  • Plastic bottles are durable, reliable items that can be shaped in a variety of ways. They can be easily painted with oil paints, they can be easily fixed, put on a frame made of metal or wood.
  • Lightweight plastic flower pots can be the main detail of a stuffed animal. They are easy to paint and fasten to each other with wire.
  • Plastic bags, garbage bags are useful for making the head and body of an artificial garden guard.
  • You can use old clothes to dress up a scarecrow - it can be hats of different styles, skirts, sundresses from your grandmother's chest. It is best to use things of blue color, as it is this color that scares birds away. True, over the summer, clothes fade when exposed to the sun, wind and rain, but next year they can be renewed.

What material to choose for a garden scarecrow, everyone ponders himself in accordance with his imagination.

Attributes and shapes that can scare away birds

Attributes and shapes that can scare away birds

To intimidate the birds, the scarecrow's figure must have special attributes. These shiny moving parts can move with gusts of wind and dazzle your eyes in the sun. You can decorate the figure with strips of foil, Christmas tree rain, tied up with old computer disks. A children's foil spinner is also suitable.

Of the sounding attributes, they hang small bells on the scarecrow's cap, give children rattles and rattles in their hands. Moving, these objects make sounds that scare away birds.

Stuffed birds attached to the figure of a garden scarecrow are also a frightening element for birds.

You can hang a picture of a dead bird made of plastic, plywood, brightly colored. It is imperative to think over bright, sounding attributes for the scarecrow in order to surely expel the winged robbers from the site.

Making a scarecrow with your own hands from plastic bottles

Making a scarecrow with your own hands from plastic bottles

To approach the construction of a stuffed plastic bottle in the garden, it is necessary to select containers of different sizes in advance. Large forms are suitable for collecting the torso, head, smaller ones - arms and legs:

  • The torso can be made from a ten-liter bottle or a plastic canister.
  • From a container with a capacity of five liters, the bottom is cut off, putting on a small basin on top.
  • On the lateral surface, eyes, nose, ears are formed from the caps - and the head is ready.
  • With the help of a wire, arms and legs from two-liter bottles are fixed to the body. You can attach the entire structure to a metal pin.
  • The scarecrow's neck is decorated with a necklace made of miniature bottles or caps that will rustle in the wind.
  • You can decorate your head with hanging metal bolts or bells.
  • The stem for a stuffed animal can be a tree branch, a stake or a column of a tyna, a fence.
  • It is better to dress the scarecrow with a grass skirt or a cut cloth from a plastic bottle.

The appearance of the made doll should match the design of the site, it may look like the leader of an African tribe against the background of a palm tree, or a gallant soldier on a date with a village girl near the tyna.

Garden scarecrow - a doll made of wooden planks and old clothes

Garden scarecrow - a doll made of wooden planks and old clothes

To create a garden doll, they take a frame made of two strong sticks one and a half and two meters long. Connect them with a cross, pulling them tightly with twine or knocking them down with nails. The more reliable the frame is, the longer the scarecrow will protect the garden.

The head of the figure can be made from a bag by stuffing it with straw, rags, foam rubber or padding polyester. An old pillowcase will do as well. Often the base for the head is sewn from the material, cutting out two circles. To add volume, a strip of fabric is sewn between the circles. The diameter of the circles corresponds to the size of the head of the stuffed animal. The prepared part of the figure is pushed onto the top of the wooden frame. It can be colored by making an expressive face. Then a bright shirt is put on the shoulders of the scarecrow, and an apron is tied on top or a jumpsuit, trousers, and a skirt are put on.

Clothing is selected in accordance with the gender of the character.

Shirt sleeves can be stuffed with straw by wearing gloves on top. The head is usually decorated with hats, caps, caps with earflaps. It is desirable to decorate the figure with devices that make sounds and sparkle in the sun - a necklace made of cans, metal plugs, CDs. Some even hang a fashionable scarecrow around their necks with a radio that works to scare off intruders. But it must be wrapped in a plastic bag, protecting it from the effects of a rainstorm. Not only a human figure is made on the basis of a wooden frame, but fabulous birds and animals.

Garden stuffed animal made of plastic bags

Garden stuffed animal made of plastic bags

A material such as polyethylene is ideal for building a scarecrow - it rustles in the wind, it is easy to give it any shape. For the base of such a figure, you need a pole with a transverse rail, which is better to dig into the ground.

A single-colored bag is stuffed with tow or cotton wool, and tied at the bottom, giving it a rounded shape.A scarecrow hairstyle can be made from magnetic tape by attaching it with tape. A hat or scarf is tied on top to hold the stripes.

A bright rustling polyethylene figure will become a real decoration for a garden and a repellent element for birds.

For the torso, it is better to pick up a tight bag by putting it on the bottom of the pole. To add volume, it is also filled with various soft materials. The sleeves are made from two brightly colored bags, put on horizontally placed sticks. For the skirt, strips of multi-colored polyethylene attached to the belt are used. Bundles of CDs and covers will be a good decoration for such a scarecrow.

Original ideas for creating a scarecrow

Original ideas for creating a scarecrow

Interesting figures for scaring away birds can be performed in such original ways:

  1. A torso and a head are made from flower pots, attaching the containers with the bottom to each other and fastening them with bolts and wire. For stability, a metal rod is inserted into the hole, the end of which is stuck into the ground. Small pots of the same size are strung on the arms and legs made of wire, shoeing them in children's shoes. Paint the face on the side of the flowerpot. The scarecrow's hair looks interesting, the role of which will be played by flowers planted in a pot-head.
  2. The cute aunt Dusya will be the original character in the garden in the form of a stuffed animal. For its manufacture, a frame is made of wood with a height of about two meters. From a nylon stocking stuffed with scraps of fabric, they construct a head, hoisting it on a pole, securing it from below with twine. You will need colored markers to paint your face, and black tow for thick eyebrows and hairstyles. A bow is made from a blue bag and glued to the crown. To add puffiness to the sleeves, they are made from colored plastic bags, previously inflated and tied with a thread. Such a stuffed animal will turn out to be fashionable if you pull a short T-shirt or blouse over the figure. The skirt is constructed first from a long bag, fixed at the waist with tape, and from above - from a short one. In order for the skirt to flutter, you can make it in several rows.
  3. A scarecrow resembling Karkusha will allow you to completely free yourself from the raids of birds. The frame for the crow is taken in small sizes, a square of dense fabric is put on it through the hole, the ends of which are fixed on the crossbars. You can decorate them around the edges with bunches of straw to simulate wings. The head of a stuffed animal, the beak is made from a black nylon stocking, stuffed with a soft cloth. Then the eyes, cut from the foam, are glued. You can dress a crow in children's shorts, knee-highs. Tin cans on a string or bells will be a decoration for Karkusha.

It is better to come up with and build an original figure for the garden scarecrow together with the children, then it will become their friend and they will not be afraid of him.

Fairy-tale character as a garden scarecrow

Fairy-tale character as a garden scarecrow

Heroes of fairy tales can turn into a scarecrow that has settled in a summer cottage. And then the imagination of all the inhabitants of the cottage will be needed. Such characters that are suitable for the role of a garden guard include Kashchei the Immortal, Baba Yaga, Vodyanoy, Ivanushka the Fool, Puss in Boots. These heroes are easy to build using old clothes, waste materials.

It will be interesting to make the figure of Luntik, Dunno, Kuzi, even Harry Potter, of modern heroes.

The image of the Scarecrow from the book The Wizard of the Emerald City, like no other, is suitable for the role of a scarecrow. Robbers, pirates, gallant captains - no matter what the prototypes of the classic garden scarecrows. Only now they will fight against feathered bully and thieves. And the basis for their manufacture will be the same wooden frame.

The garden scarecrow, which people invented a long time ago, will be able to decorate the garden plots, save the crop from the invasion of birds. From the article you will learn from what materials you can build a scarecrow, what attributes are required for it.The material gives examples of making a scarecrow from plastic bottles, plastic bags, bags, a wooden frame and old clothes.

More information can be found in the video:

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The garden scarecrow should not only be part of the design of the site, but also scare away birds, that is, they must have empty cans on them and rattle when the wind blows, even a weak one.

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The main thing is that this garden scarecrow makes sounds, but how you make it is already a secondary question and not the most basic one. Whoever has a tape-recorder left it is also not bad to use it.