Planting and caring for potatoes

Potatoes are usually planted in the spring. But before that, you should choose the right site correctly. So, it should be well lit. If you plant potatoes in the shade of trees or buildings, the plant will stretch out, and the tubers will ripen very small. As for the soil, you need to give preference to sandy, light soil.

The best predecessors of potatoes are various root vegetables and cabbage. In no case should this vegetable crop be grown after tomatoes, since they are characterized by common pathogens and pests.

Considering the cultivation of potatoes, one cannot fail to say about fertilizers. If you did not bring them in in the fall, then this is done in the spring during the digging of the site. Note that nitrogen mineral fertilizing is applied exclusively in spring. At the same time, the plant consumes the largest amount of nutrients directly during the growth of the aboveground mass, when the potato is in the budding phase. After that, the culture uses those mineral elements that are accumulated in the tops, and does not "look" for them in the soil.

Before growing potatoes, you need to select the right tubers for planting. Their mass should be between 60 and 100 g. In this case, you will get a good harvest.

Given that there are different varieties of potatoes, it is necessary to take into account its cultivation characteristics. After all, some are resistant to certain diseases, while others are not. Knowing the necessary nuances, you will get real pleasure from cultivating a crop and face minimal difficulties.

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For planting, we always choose large tubers, germinate them and cut them into several pieces. Potatoes always grow large. True, the planting material needs to be updated after a few years so that the potatoes do not degenerate.