Alyssum marine is a delicate plant that grows on the rocks

Some plants surprise us with their vitality, because some of them can even grow on stones. Alyssum marine is a flower of amazing beauty, which is often also called a stone mason, because it grows no where else but on rocky slopes or simply creeping on gravelly ground.

Alyssum marine is a very fragrant plant, despite its small flowers, so many gardeners want to grow it in their flower beds and backyards. In addition, sea alyssum is also valued due to its decorative properties, because in appearance this lush blooming carpet will decorate even the simplest and most uncomplicated flower beds, alpine hills or just lawns. Very often balconies, terraces or just window sills from the side of the street are decorated with this plant. It is also noteworthy that the sea alyssum blooms in early summer and blooms almost until late autumn, but flowering is divided into two phases - shorter in early summer, then longer until late autumn.

The color scheme of flowers can also be different - white, blue, pale purple, deep lilac.

In care, this is not a whimsical plant at all, because by nature it grows in mountainous areas, where it is not afraid of wind, drought, or even temperature changes. But the light and the sun are very important for him.

Alyssum is sown with sea seeds, best of all, first in greenhouses or boxes at room temperature in early April, and already in early May this future fluffy carpet can be safely planted in a permanent place.

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Agree, one of the most unpretentious, but at the same time ornamental plants. Next year I want to try to grow alissum of different colors.