Japanese gladiolus and its cultivation

If you are interested in Japanese gladiolus, then you can easily grow it in your garden. When shopping for bulbs, be prepared to hear the second name of the flower - the montbrecia plant.

It differs from other varieties of gladioli in that the flowers on the peduncle are located separately, and not in the form of a dense spike. By the way, in Japan, this plant from the iris family is often used to compose decorative ikebana.

Growing gladioli

Having decided to buy gladiolus bulbs in the winter, they need to be kept in a cardboard box. Moreover, each variety requires a separate tissue bag. For 3 weeks (at the end of March) before planting, the corms are taken out of storage. Usually by this time they have formed root tubercles.

Now you need to clean the corms from the integumentary scales so as not to damage the early shoots. If the corms are completely damaged, then they are thrown away. If the disease did not damage them too much, then you can cut off the diseased area, and then treat it with brilliant greens. Before planting, a cork layer should have formed on the cut. True, there is no exact probability that this flower will sprout.

Only after this is the landing of gladioli carried out. The most critical phases are: the appearance of 3-4 leaves, the formation of inflorescences and the direct flowering of the plant. Caring for gladioli includes abundant watering, since the root system is located at a depth of 30-35 cm. With a lack of moisture, gladiolus grows poorly and may die.