Hosta plant - a beautiful garden for the whole summer

Visiting public parks, you can very often see delicate lilac flowers along the edge of the border, collected in bouquets, surrounded by large, oblong leaves. This is the host plant. There are several species of this remarkable plant, not all of them bloom, and if they bloom, then their flowers are quite different.

Hosta is a favorite plant in urban landscaping. Firstly, the absolute unpretentiousness of these plants is attractive for municipal services. They grow successfully even on the most empty earth, easily transferring sunlight or the shade of trees. Hosts love warm summer days as they can survive several days of absolute drought without requiring watering. But they do not care for the pouring rain.

But for the eyes of an amateur gardener, Hosts are a real outlet. They have a wide variety of leaves, which are both rounded and elongated, large, like burdocks, and small, like plantain. In addition, different types of Hosta have different leaf colors, ranging from monochromatic pale green to light and dark streaks that fit on one sheet.

Hosta blooms almost all summer. The flowering of Hota is also different. Flowers are different in color - they can be white, pale pink, rich lilac. Lovers of landscape design have a place to roam in the world of Hosts.

These plants are also notable for the fact that they are very frost-resistant and to survive in a harsh winter, they have enough snow cover without additional shelter with special materials.

Naturally, if you take care of the Host plant at least a little - water, feed, loosen the ground, it will gratefully please the eye with beautiful leaves and delicate flowers.

Good luck!

Foxi avatar

I was just looking for a flowering plant that can be planted near the fence. What varieties bloom all year round?

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A very beautiful plant !!! It seems to me I have not even heard of this before. Last year I moved to my house, all spring and summer I was tormented by the question of how to decorate three small pieces of land. I planted and grown something. but I cannot say that I am satisfied with the results. I think I still need to learn more in this matter. I liked the site very much, I think there is still a lot to spy on and prepare for the next season.

User avatar Igor S.

Hosta blooms, of course, not all season, it blooms only at the end of summer. But I appreciate her not for the flowers (they, in my opinion, are plain compared to others on the flower garden), but for the leaves. I like varieties with wide and large leaves. A gorgeous green lump, one might say, almost a ball. And two indisputable advantages: suitable for the shady side and minimal care.

By the way, it looks very impressive not in a flower garden, but alone, for example, on a lawn.