How to grow flowers in a bathroom without a window?

Interior design of a house, an apartment includes the selection of plants for landscaping premises. In this case, the bathroom is overlooked, especially when there is no window. It is believed that indoor flowers will not be able to grow there. But this is a mistake, because many plants feel great in a bathroom without windows, and the interior of the room will only benefit from this.

Indoor plants can transform an ordinary bathroom that doesn't even have a window. It is important to choose the right types of flowers in pots, find a place for them, create conditions for a comfortable existence with high humidity and low light. If you manage to implement the idea of ​​landscaping the bathroom, then the efforts will not be wasted. Taking a bath surrounded by exotic plants is the height of bliss.


Selection of plants for a bathroom without windows

Selection of plants for a bathroom without windows

The benefits of plants in the bathroom are obvious. They will cleanse the air of harmful bacteria, pathogenic fungal spores, and improve the mood of the owner of the house. There are special types of indoor flowers that exist perfectly in humid rooms with a minimum of lighting.

The best choice is:

  • Chlorophytum is one of the unpretentious plants that will feel great in the bathroom, dropping its thin, light green leaves down. You can pick up different varieties of ampelous plants.
  • Aloe, or an agave can thrive in a humid environment. Its fleshy leaves are used for the preparation of medical masks, compresses.
  • Phalaenopsis orchids, their relative papiopedilum, or the lady's slipper, prefer high humidity, shade, so they belong in the bathroom. They will become a true decoration thanks to the originality of plant flowers.
  • Indoor fern grows well without bright light, easily adapts to low temperatures, their drops.
  • Tradescantia is distinguished by pickiness to growing conditions. It will perfectly take root in the bathroom, purifying the air from dust, killing harmful bacteria and microbes with its phytoncides.
  • Ficus can decorate the bathroom if sufficient lighting is organized for him. But it will look impressive in a large room in an original tub on the floor.
  • Grows well in shady and cool places of aspidistra. This shrub plant is suitable for large, damp rooms without a window.
  • From flowering plants, you can choose shade-tolerant spathiphyllum. Humid air is one of the main conditions for the existence of an interesting flower.
  • Dracaena feels great under artificial light, and she just needs moisture. She will bring an exotic element to the bathroom.

Before choosing indoor flowers, you need to think over their location, determine whether the conditions of a particular room are suitable for them.

Creating conditions for indoor flowers in the bathroom

Creating conditions for indoor flowers in the bathroom

Even if the selection of plants was taking into account the fact that they do not require bright light, they are comfortable in humid air, but for each one needs to think over additional living conditions. The air temperature in the bathroom usually ranges from twelve to twenty degrees Celsius. If the temperatures are too low, it is better to arrange underfloor heating in the room.

There is enough humidity in the room. But it must be combined with comfortable temperatures. Low temperatures and high humidity can lead to mold growth and the growth of pathogenic fungi. This can be avoided by frequent ventilation of the bathroom, leaving the door open overnight.

When growing plants, it is necessary to rely on knowledge of the conditions for the correct development of each type of indoor crop.

Even shade-tolerant plants will not be able to be constantly at dusk. And since there is no natural light, you need to purchase fluorescent lamps or phytolampsthat are used in greenhouses. The illumination can be measured with a luxmeter. For plants that love the shade, it should be at least a thousand units, flowering - five thousand. The illumination level can be increased by installing reflectors and screens on the ceiling and walls. Artificial lighting is turned on for twelve to fourteen hours.

Plant care recommendations

Plant care recommendations

Most of the flowers in the bathroom are easy to care for. For them, only a number of requirements must be met:

  1. Watering should be done when the topsoil in the pot begins to dry out. In this case, the water temperature should be slightly higher than the room temperature. It must first be defended.
  2. Top dressing also needs to be applied during the growing season twice a month, and less often in winter, using granular additives.
  3. Many indoor flowers require transplants, especially for rapidly growing specimens. The tightness in the pot will prevent the plant from developing correctly, therefore, in the spring or at the end of the growing season, it is transplanted by picking up a new pot.
  4. In the bathroom there is a rapid contamination of the leaf blades of plants. Wipe them frequently to ensure that the green pet can breathe normally.

Simple care rules are important for indoor crops in a room without a window.

Correct flower placement

Correct placement of indoor flowers in a bathroom without windows

It is important to place flowers correctly both for the interior of the room and for the plants.

  • In small bathrooms, ampelous cultures look great on cabinets and shelves. An original solution would be to place them on a shelf in the corner.
  • Hanging pots located along the walls of the room in a checkerboard or chaotic manner are suitable for the flowers.
  • Pots of different colors will enhance the originality of the interior.
  • The shelves above the mirror look spectacular. Hanging plants are positioned on them so as to frame the mirror on both sides. On top of the cabinets, you can put both miniature bushes and flowerpots with hanging plants.
  • On the floor of a large room, you can arrange flowers in tubs. It is convenient to place them in the corners so that they do not interfere with the passage.
  • Lush bushes look great on special pedestals to match the color of the walls or contrast with them.

You can not place pots with plants where they will interfere - next to a sink, shower, bath. And it is undesirable for water, detergents to get on the leaves, ground, stems. This can cause disease and death of the plant.

Indoor flowers do not belong near heat sources, batteries - this will lead to their drying out.

A bathroom without a window, competently decorated with green plants, will bring maximum pleasure to the owner and will organically fit into the design concept.

Possible plant problems

Possible plant problems

In case of mistakes in caring for plants in the bathroom, problems may arise:

  1. If the leaves turn yellow, then the flower lacks useful elements for nutrition or little watering. Applying fertilizer granules, regular watering will correct mistakes.
  2. Excess moisture appears as brown spots on the leaves.
  3. Often the tips of the leaves turn brown, which is associated with low temperatures in the room or excess moisture.
  4. When leaves fall off, the plant experiences a shock associated with a lack of lighting. You can temporarily move the flower pot to another place, and arrange an artificial light in the bathroom using fluorescent lamps. Lack of illumination is also expressed in the elongation of the stems of the plant.

All problems with the development of a flower often come from improper care of it or the conditions of the bathroom do not suit it, and the plant needs to find another place in the apartment. Decorating a bathroom without a window with green plants is a tricky business.

Design ideas can be implemented taking into account a number of requirements. You can learn about them from the article. It also tells about the competent care of flowers, how to arrange them correctly in a large and small bathroom area, where it is better not to put them.

More information can be found in the video:

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User avatar Alena

If the bathroom has a window, then this is the best place for moisture-loving plants, Tradescantia, asparagus, maidenhair - Venus hair and especially selanginella will feel great.

User avatar Alena

My bathroom has a small west-facing window. The asparagus of the sprenger grows well and the venereum of the hair feels good. I would very much like to plant moisture and shade-loving Selanginella.

Lima user avatar

I have enough plants in my rooms, so landscaping the bathroom did not occur to me. Still, a bathtub is a room with high humidity, as if the fungus did not begin to develop.

Goshia avatar

Probably the best plants for a bathroom that has a window would be Dracaena and Phalaenopsis orchid. Dracaena loves a humid environment very much and we constantly spray the crown with it. If this is not done, then the ends of the leaves begin to dry, they turn yellow and fall off. Phalaenopsis loves humid air, but not abundant watering, because the plant has aerial roots that can absorb moisture from the air.

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