Gerbil breeding

Pets are very different. From familiar cats and dogs to exotic wild animals. The smallest, in the literal sense of the word, are mice, gerbil mice. These are cute creatures that have become pets in many families for some time now. Breeding gerbils requires some effort on the part of the breeder.

Gerbils are territorial animals. And because, in order to preserve its territory, one mouse can score another to death. Therefore, the owners of gerbils advise, first of all, to "introduce" possible partners to obtain offspring, and for this use:

  • talc
  • perfume
  • new cage

Quite a strange set, isn't it? But for each item there is its own application - they are all aimed not at eliminating a special smell that can cause aggression of another animal. So, for a start, gerbils' owners are advised to treat the body of mice with talcum powder, carefully, trying not to get on the muzzle - in the eyes, ears and nose. Then, the fur on the belly, in the area of ​​the scent glands, can be lightly sprinkled with perfume. And the last advice, to get a pair of gerbils, use a new cage - there is still no smell of any of the mice in it, and therefore they will not have to fight for their territory.

If all these measures are followed, gerbils are likely to mate and, over time, please their owners with a litter.

But every owner of any pet, including gerbils, before deciding to breed their pets, should think about what to do with the babies that have been born. After all, they will also require love, attention and care. They are also living beings who need a loving and considerate master.

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Foxi avatar

I once had hamsters. So the female gnawed through the neck of the male. Apparently, they also need a special approach as gerbils.

User avatar yana21

For the first time I hear that they act like this to each other ... But what about mice or rats that live in basements ... There are dozens of them, do they all live together?

Lima user avatar

There is a large space, but the cage is cramped, so they are fighting for the territory. By the way, they are very similar to hamsters, muzzle, little body, only long tails. Probably bite.

OlePankiv avatar

Interesting little animals, I had a similar creature 10 years ago, but somehow he died pretty quickly. And how long do these live approximately? Given that they regularly eat and live in very decent conditions?