Types of ram clippers, tips for choosing and a guide to use

People engaged in animal husbandry, especially sheep breeding, know that not only meat, but also wool can be obtained from them. Recently, breeding of such animals for obtaining hair has become popular. Also, long and thick wool can harm the animal, which is why breeders purchase special clippers for shearing rams. But what are they and which one is better to choose? Let's take a closer look at this topic in the article.

Shearing a ram with a clipper

What is a ram clipper

A ram clipper is needed to speed up the wool cutting process. The tool is absolutely safe for the animal, because special blades are provided that cannot harm the animal. Wool harvested even by the hands of a layman can be sold at a high cost in the market, since the material is in great demand.

Appearance and working principle

All ram clippers are alike. Outwardly, they are compact electrical devices, inside which there is a small motor or an electromagnetic coil. It is they who, during operation, activate the toothed nozzle, moving the knives along the fixed row. Sharply sharpened combs with high speed close and diverge in opposite directions, while cutting off the hair, replacing several pairs of scissors at once.

The farmer independently chooses the time of the procedure, but without fail, wool is collected 2 times a year, taking into account the weather conditions (temperature). They cut it if the temperature is stable and no changes are expected in the near future. Therefore, most often they choose:

  • late spring, summer;
  • beginning of autumn.


There are two types of clippers:

  1. Manual. This option is suitable for those farmers who have a small livestock population and have special skills that allow them to effectively wield such a device. A person must additionally have endurance in order to be able to successfully cope with a professional task, because sheep are rather fussy and fearful animals. Also, a manual machine allows you to carry out the procedure quickly, which does not spoil the quality of the raw materials obtained.
  2. Mechanical. This is a clipper that is the most popular option among farmers. It does not require much effort and knowledge. All that is needed for work is to run the device over the wool. It is also safe for both animals and humans.

With the improvement of technology, mechanical devices are gaining popularity, which can speed up the process and maintain the quality of the collected wool. Also, such devices significantly save the strength of sheep breeders.

Manual machine

The principle of operation of a manual clipper is most similar to conventional scissors. But there is a comparative disadvantage - it is constant work with the hand. And the percentage of injury compared to shears is much lower.

The knives built into the machine need to be cleaned and sharpened on a regular basis, so it is recommended for purchase only by professionals. Also, blunt elements sometimes have to be replaced with new ones. By the way, scissors do not have such an opportunity, they will only have to be changed to new ones.A significant plus of a manual typewriter is the absence of the need for electricity.

Manual machine

Automatic clipper

Automatic machines are efficient and safe for humans and animals. The big disadvantage can be considered the rapid overheating of the motor, at which the device turns off.

Another drawback is the high cost compared to other similar devices, and the quality of production does not always correspond to the price. When choosing, it is worth paying special attention to this aspect, since on the market most of the entire assortment is occupied by machines from China, which have high performance indicators and the same price.

Criterias of choice

When shearing rams undergo tremendous stress, so the procedure should be the least traumatic, physically and mentally. For this, shearing machines are used. New ram farmers ask which machine is the best to choose and what criteria to navigate?

Basic parameters for selection:

  1. knives;
  2. equipment;
  3. characteristics;
  4. manufacturer;
  5. ease of use and maintenance of the device.

Let's talk in more detail about each of the listed parameters.


An important element as it is being replaced. The task of the farmer is to choose the most reliable knives so that they have to change as little as possible. Manufacturers from Germany and Switzerland are best suited, since these countries, against the background of others, are famous for the high quality of their products.


Large equipment is not always good, because due to the presence of elements that are unlikely to be useful in the household, the cost of the device will increase. Therefore, you will buy a typewriter for several thousand rubles more. Therefore, choose the standard equipment:

  • machine;
  • case;
  • instruction;
  • brush;
  • screwdriver;
  • nozzle (up to 2);
  • spare fuses.


The characteristics include performance and external components. The main average parameters for choosing a machine:

  1. weight - no more than 1.8 kg;
  2. cable length - at least 2 m (if the cable is too long, then you or the animal will get entangled in it, and the indicated length is the most optimal);
  3. work speed (revolutions) - 2,500 per minute;
  4. motor - 520 W;
  5. voltage - 220-240 W;
  6. cooling - air (required parameter if you do not want the device to overheat);
  7. type of knives - standard (suitable from Chinese and European manufacturers);
  8. 1 year warranty.

It is by these indicators that you should be guided when choosing a device for work.


In addition to a domestic manufacturer (for example, Peter), devices brought from Germany, the United States, Switzerland and England are especially popular. All these manufacturers are considered benchmark all over the world, it is with them that the rest of the countries are trying to be equal. Leading manufacturers stand out in terms of power, usability and durability.

If you choose a mechanical typewriter, it can be very expensive. The cost can go up to 30, or even 40 thousand rubles. Therefore, such machines are purchased most often for large-scale production. It is also difficult for them to find spare parts in the event of a breakdown in the domestic market. If there is a need for a replacement, then the order is brought from other countries.

Easy to use and maintain

Simplicity depends on the weight and the cooling system, since the device quite often overheats without it, because of this, breakdowns occur. And due to its heavy weight, the device cannot be held in the hands for a long time. Therefore, select devices according to the above parameters.

With regard to maintenance, any such device needs appropriate care. We can say that it is not worth doing this on your own if there is no relevant experience.It is best to give it to a specialized service that will do the job in good faith.

Cleaning should also be done 2 times a year. The average cost of service reaches 1,500 rubles.

Electric car

Review of the best models

Consider the best models of 2019 that belong to the middle class and expensive sheep shearing tools.

Berger 500W 220v

The machine differs from other similar tools for its high build quality and durability. The body consists of a special alloy, fasteners and knives made of steel. The 500 W motor is capable of working up to 4 hours without interruption. This operating time is due to the built-in air cooling system.

The machine is not miniature and not lightweight due to built-in functions, therefore it is best suited for performing specialized work on farms. The power cord is long, thick and resistant, so the motor is protected.


  • high build quality;
  • durable body made of special alloy;
  • steel knives;
  • powerful motor with continuous operation up to 4 hours;
  • air cooling system;
  • long power cord.


  • large and heavy apparatus;
  • cost from 10,000 rubles.

Takumi 560

Belongs to the class of professional equipment for shearing sheep. Allows to cut about 80 animals per day. During the process of collecting the rune, the animal is not frightened, since the machine practically does not emit unnecessary sounds and additional vibrations. Additionally, an air cooling system is built in, which prevents the device from overheating during a long process of operation.

The cutting blades of the machine are adjustable, you can pull them yourself to tailor the workflow to your individual characteristics. A standard device that operates on the network using a cable connection. During the collection process, the power does not jump, thereby reducing the risk of breakage.


  • shearing up to 80 rams per day;
  • built-in air cooling system;
  • all parts can be easily removed for cleaning;
  • the cutting blades are adjustable;
  • operation from the network without loss of power;
  • the ability to sharpen and replace knives.


  • cost from 14,000 rubles.

Berger Z5

Rotary machine that allows you to shear up to 20 rams per day. The knife block is made of stainless steel and can be removed if necessary. The machine has a low noise and vibration level, so the animal is not frightened during the cutting process. The cable length is 6 m, which is connected to a 220 W network. The kit includes a case for more convenient transportation and storage of the device.

A removable air filter prevents hair from entering the device and protects it from overheating. The cutting blades are adjustable if necessary, but after the factory settings, no additional adjustment is needed.


  • knife block made of stainless steel;
  • all parts are removed for cleaning or replacement;
  • low noise and vibration level;
  • long connection cable;
  • the set includes a case;


  • processing up to 20 sheep per day;
  • cost from 7,000 rubles.

Heiniger xtra

This is not the weakest model, but it has an average power rating, which is 320 W, and the performed number of revolutions per minute is 2500. But it has a feature - a patented floating fork device that helps to extend the machine's performance by more than 50% ...

The machine has a low noise level and it is possible to purchase additional knives for more convenient cutting. Despite the rather modest characteristics, according to reviews, many call it almost the best model, which is designed for many hours of work. Is professional and suitable for professionals. The quality is guaranteed by Swiss production.


  • patented floating fork device;
  • the ability to purchase and install additional attachments;
  • according to customer reviews, it is the best model;
  • made in Switzerland;
  • low noise level;
  • designed for hours of work.


  • low productivity, only 2,500 rpm;
  • high cost from 29,000 rubles.

Storm 03B

Sheep clipper that allows you to shear up to 20 animals per day. Removable knife block is made of stainless steel. The device has a low noise level and reduced vibration so as not to make the animal nervous again. The set additionally includes a convenient case for storing and transporting the device.

The machine has a built-in rotary-type motor, which quickly picks up speed with a frequency of up to 2,400 per minute and a maximum power of up to 350 watts. Additionally, an air filter is provided that protects against overheating and wool getting inside. It is located at the bottom and can be easily removed if necessary. There is a possibility of replacing and sharpening knives, one set is enough for more than 40 haircuts.


  • built-in air filter, which protects against overheating and unwanted entry of wool, and, if necessary, is removed;
  • there is a possibility of replacing knives;
  • all parts are removed;
  • it is easy to find a replacement for parts, since the device is of domestic production;
  • a convenient case for transportation is provided;
  • cost from 6,000 rubles.


  • low productivity - 2,400 rpm.

How rams are sheared

Where can I buy

A ram clipper can be purchased at several locations:

  1. in specialized stores online or offline;
  2. in stores specializing in household appliances;
  3. in stores specializing in the sale of equipment that is specifically designed for agriculture.

In them, prices differ slightly from each other.

How to use it correctly

Correct use can extend the life of your device. Here are some rules to follow:

  • do not plug the device into the network intermittently, a short circuit may occur, and the machine will break down;
  • clean the device from wool after each use;
  • Have it serviced every six months.

And the use during a haircut is very simple - turn on the device, take the animal comfortably and hold it close to the skin with the clipper. You will immediately see how the dense layer of wool peels off. Do not cut the wool with huge carpets, stop periodically, tear off the clipper and start over, this will help to avoid unwanted seizures.

How to care for a typewriter

If you want to clean the device yourself, you will need:

  1. grate a piece of laundry soap;
  2. dissolve the shavings in 1 liter of engine oil.

Next, dip the machine into the solution (only a knife with a comb) and turn on the machine for 5 seconds 3 times. Because of this, the knives are not only cleaned, but cooled and dull less.

If you do not have experience in this matter, then take the equipment to a specialized service, where it will be provided with the appropriate service.

A ram clipper is a must-have for any breeder for whom speed and ease of use are key. Everyone chooses a device for themselves, but the main selection criteria are: equipment, knives, performance, manufacturer and ease of use.

Watch the video instruction on choosing a shearing machine for sheep and rams:

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