How to grow asters from seeds in the country?

If you are interested in how to grow asters from seeds, there are two options. The first method is that aster seeds are planted after spring frosts immediately in open ground. Fans of this option believe that in this way the flower grows more resistant to diseases and pests.

The second option is that the aster flowers are grown through seedlings. If you are just a novice florist, then aster seedlings are optimal for you.

Growing asters from seeds

Before growing aster seedlings, pay attention to the seeds. They must be harvested no later than last year's harvest. You need to sow seeds at the end of March. Fertilizing the soil with top dressing is not worth it - just add a small amount of sand.

Aster seeds need to be deepened by 1 cm. Then the ground is watered abundantly, and the container itself is covered with glass. You will notice the first shoots of asters after 3-5 days.

Caring for asters during their growth cannot be called difficult, since these flowers are unpretentious, and they tolerate cold well. In terms of watering, they are also not demanding. The only thing is to make sure that your site is sufficiently lit.

If we consider the varieties of asters, then annual flowers are more popular than perennial ones.

Asters varieties:

  • coronal
  • semi-double
  • curly
  • needle-like

Asters, the cultivation of which will not take you much time, will be an excellent decoration for your summer cottage. The main thing is that no shadow falls on them, since because of it the abundance of flowering decreases.


Lima user avatar

Once or twice I bought aster seeds and sowed them in my garden. The land is sandy. There were such lush and beautiful flowers on the package with seeds, but they grew small for me. The husband says because without fertilization.

I always collect seeds in the fall, I just pack whole heads of faded dried flowers. And I choose a small area with good soil and sow seeds in any form. When the flowers sprout, I plant them in the flowerbed in the necessary forms. And you can never guess with colors!

User avatar Igor S.

And we always grow asters through seedlings. Conveniently, then you can always "plant" in free or vacant places in the flower garden.

Before sowing seeds, I recommend treating them with some kind of growth stimulant (for example, epin). And you can plant seedlings when 6-8 leaves and a more or less durable stalk have appeared.