How to sow pepper correctly?

How to sow pepper correctly? This question is asked by many gardeners and gardeners. Pepper is a very thermophilic culture, in this regard, it is grown by many gardeners in glazed and film greenhouses. To get full-fledged fruits in terms of nutrients and weight, gardeners must observe all the features of the agricultural technology of this plant.

How to sow pepper correctly so that it grows beautiful and productive? Seeds must be tested for germination before planting. 10 seeds are dipped in a gauze bag in warm water for a day, then they are placed in a warm place of about 30 degrees. On the fifth day, 5 or more seeds should hatch.

Before planting, seeds should be placed in a strong solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour. Then the seeds are washed and soaked in a nutrient solution for a day. You can use ash diluted in warm water. This will accelerate seed germination and ripening of the pepper fruit.

Seeds are spread on a wet cloth for germination. The hatched seeds are sown in boxes or pots. Sowing is not worth postponing. The sowing depth is 1.5 centimeters and the distance between seeds is 2 centimeters. The boxes are placed in a warm place, the soil must be periodically moistened with a spray bottle.

When the first shoots appear, the boxes are transferred to a sunny place with a temperature of up to 16 degrees. Seedlings can be supplemented with fluorescent lamps. Additional lighting is necessary before picking seedlings. Plants are watered with warm water once a week in the morning. Excessive moisture is harmful to peppers, as they can be affected by the "black leg".

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