Secrets of growing spring garlic

Ancient times garlic was considered an excellent antidote for snakebites, plague, cholera, infectious diseases. Now it is the most effective prophylactic remedy for many ailments. Therefore, everyone needs to have garlic at home. To do this, you can buy it in the store or grow it yourself. Knowledge of some of the nuances growing hot garlic, will help you to get a good harvest "miracle of teeth" without any problems.


Storage of planting material

Landing any garlic varieties differs not only in technology and material, but also in terms of time. This also applies to spring garlic, which begins to grow in spring, what are its main differences from autumn and winter varieties of culture.

But in order to receive good harvest, it is worth knowing and observing all the storage conditions for planting material - uterine bulbs.

Depending on the temperature storage mode, in the outer scales of a spring chive, various processes of changing the amount of nutrients occur, on the state of which the growth, development and yield... For example, when the bulbs are stored cold at temperatures from 0 to +5 degrees Celsius, spring garlic takes root, and green sprouts grow back quickly. Seedlings appear quite quickly after planting, but when harvesting, the fruit is small in size.

When keeping the crumpled in the mode of +18 - 20 degrees Celsius, the shoots are stronger, taller and more juicy, but the garlic bulb is medium in size.

The optimal storage mode for spring garlic is a combination of two thermal modes:

  • The first 6 months - +18 - 20 degrees;
  • The second half, closer to landing - +3 - 6 degrees Celsius.

This method will allow the accumulation of substances in the bulb that will contribute to a good sunrise, growth and fetal formation.

Another good way to store planting material is to place it in a basement or refrigerated at a stable temperature of +2 degrees with a 1% level of air humidity. Optimum hygroscopicity of garlic will help to form root tubercles in a timely manner, and these, in turn, will contribute to better rooting of the plant.

Growing spring garlic: soil preparation, timing and planting technology

Spring garlic is not a whimsical plant, but nevertheless, to get a good harvest, you should choose and prepare the ground.

The site for planting spring garlic begins to be prepared 2 weeks before planting. To do this, loamy earth is dug to a depth of 15 - 20 centimeters, and then brought fertilizers... For 1 square meter of land you need 8 liters organic feeding: 3 tbsp. l. superphosphate and 1 potassium sulfate, 10 liters of water. The solution is sprayed evenly, and then the soil is leveled. The bed is covered with foil until the cloves are planted.

Experienced agronomists advise planting spring garlic from April 20 to April 26, while the soil is still sufficiently moist and the frost is not so strong.

On the day of planting, beds are formed with a distance of 15 to 20 centimeters from each other. The teeth are chosen with a weight of at least 4 grams and pushed into the ground to a depth of 3-4 centimeters. It is not worth planting deeper, as spring garlic may sprout later. The teeth are not sprinkled with earth so that it does not interfere with the development of the root and sprout.

The planted area is left without watering and fertilizers until the first shoots appear.

Garden crop care: watering, fertilizing, harvesting

Spring garlic plants need watering more than winter crops. Therefore, immediately after the emergence of single shoots, it is necessary to start watering the garlic.To do this, use water at room temperature, not cold. It is not worth pouring in the area. The amount of vodi should be in moderation. The repetition interval of the soil moistening procedure is 7 - 8 days.

In addition to watering, spring garlic is very fond of fertilizers. In early June, when the height of the green stalks of garlic is 6-10 centimeters, nitrogen fertilizers are applied. 10 liters. water 1 tbsp. a spoonful of urea and one glass mullein... The solution is infused for 5 - 6 hours and is added with the calculation of 3 liters per 1 square meter.

After 20 days, you can feed the mullein infusion - 200 grams of fertilizer per 10 liters of water.

During the formation of five leaves, garlic is poured under the root with a solution of potassium permanganate - 15 grams per 10 liters. water, and when the bulbs are formed, they are fed with superphosphate - 2 tbsp. l per 10 l of liquid.

During the entire period of ripening of hot garlic, weeds are removed from the site, and the soil is periodically loosened.

When the leaves dry up and 80% of the garlic stalks are yellow, you can dig up the bulbs... At a distance of 10 centimeters from the plant, they begin to loosen the soil, carefully pulling out the fruit. The dug garlic is folded in a dry place, allowed to dry for 7 to 10 days, and then the stem is cut off.

The harvested crop is sorted into two parts, selecting planting material and bulbs for food purposes. Tighter, larger and more ripe garlic fruits are laid aside for eating, medium-sized spring garlic for planting. The main selection rule is the absence of visible damage on the teeth and the density of the fruit.

Secrets of growing garlic:

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Thanks for the informative and very good article. My mother-in-law plants a lot of garlic and the harvest has never been good. But now she said that she would plant using technology, observing the rules of storage, watering and feeding.

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