Secrets of storing cut tulips


Have you seen how sad tulips are?

Dew, sliding down, leaves a trail

On the wax of leaves, on an elastic camp

A flower that someone had cut into a bouquet.


Delicate, sophisticated, fragrant - these are just a few beautiful epithets in relation to everyone's beloved tulip... This elegant flower, with a tight bud and variegated petals, meets the sun in the morning, opening its petals. And this continues for several days. Then, like an autumn tree, the tulip sheds its colorful outfit and turns into an ordinary bare stem - unattractive and nondescript.

Tulips are very popular flower... Luxurious bouquets are a great gift for any occasion. But how save flowers until the desired date. Simple enough when you consider a few useful tips.


Rules for cutting tulips

We all know perfectly well that a mature blooming flower costs very little cut bouquet and tolerates worse storage... In order for a tulip to last more than 3 days, it must be cut in the bud staining phase. It is best to do this early in the morning before 7 o'clock, while the tulips have not yet woken up from a night's sleep.

Cutting should be done carefully so as not to wrinkle the sheets and break the stem. The procedure requires a sharp knife and boiling water. After cutting one flower, the knife is dipped in hot water for a couple of seconds to disinfection, in order to avoid the transfer of bacteria variegated from a diseased plant to a healthy one. Alternatively, you can use multiple knives.

Cutting height. There are 110 varieties of tulips... They differ from each other not only in color and shape of the petal, but also in height. The higher the tulip, the more beautiful it will look in the cut.

You can cut a flower in 2 ways:

  1. At the base (if it is not planned to receive daughter bulbs);
  2. At a height of 2 leaves from the root.

Caring for flowers after cutting

Many people believe that cut tulips do not need leaving... But this is a delusion. Flowers must be looked after.

Tulip care after cutting is based on the following principles:

  1. Regularity of water changes;
  2. A pot with cut flowers should be in a room closed from drafts and sunlight;
  3. The tips of the plant stalks should be treated with a solution, thanks to which, the flowers will better absorb water;
  4. Add to water nutrients.

Dry storage of cut flowers

This storage method the simplest and most reliable. Its essence lies in the fact that cut tulips packaged in 10 - 40 pieces and wrapped in dry, dark and thick paper. Packages with flowers are placed in a dark refrigerator empty of products and other food. Without water, at temperatures from + 1 degrees Celsius and air humidity 95 - 99%, tulips can be stored for up to 14 days. At the same time, the flower continues to grow slowly, without losing its decorative qualities.

There should be no light in the refrigerator, since the presence of even the slightest ray causes twisting the stem... In large special refrigerators, to check the condition of colors, a lamp with a minimum power of the green spectrum of action is installed.

If you decide to use the flowers, they are taken out of the refrigerator and put in water for half an hour along with the wrapper. After this procedure, the bud comes to life, the leaves acquire a brighter color.

Keeping live tulips wet

In order for the flowers to stand in the water much longer and not lose their presentation, you need to know the following secrets:

  1. Before sending the tulip to a container of water, make oblique cut and slightly cut off the sides of the tip of the stem so that the flower absorbs water better;
  2. On the stem, remove the lowermost leaves, as they spoil the water;
  3. A couple of coals are added to the liquid, which prevent stem decay (you can add a light solution of potassium permanganate);
  4. Changeable water must be cold;
  5. For 1 liter of water, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vinegar or aspirin pill - to keep tulips fresh;
  6. For flower feeding use a 2% sugar solution;
  7. The life span of a plant will depend on the addition of the "Flora" preparation to the water. It extends the flowering period;
  8. So that the flowers have a brighter color, next to them, in a container with water, put a twig of thuja or cypress;
  9. A vase with tulips should be placed in a lighted place, only so that there is no direct sunlight;
  10. You cannot put different flowers in one container, since tulips begin to wither from the presence of neighbors;
  11. After cutting, before sending the bouquet into the water, for 24 hours, the tulips are kept in a 0.1% solution of calcium nitrate. This nutrition gives the plant stem strength and flexibility.
  12. If the tulips decide to bloom ahead of time, they are cut off and placed in a container filled with snow. A vase or other container is placed in a dark and cool place. Temperature in repository should not exceed the limit of +2 degrees Celsius.
  13. If tulips begin to fade, they are formed into bouquets, wrapped in thick paper, immersed in cold water until the very flowers. Cover the container with dark paper or cloth and leave for 3-4 hours. These actions return freshness and beauty to a wilted flower.

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Tulips are very sensitive flowers that unfortunately wilt very quickly. Thanks to the author for ways to keep tulips fresher. Before this article, I used only aspirin so that tulips delight us with their beauty a little longer.