Top dressing of garlic in spring with mullein

Despite being one of the most frost-hardy and moisture-loving crops, garlic is also incredibly sensitive to the acidity of the earth. It is for this reason that neutral and fairly fertile land is needed for its cultivation. For 1.5-2 weeks (for winter crops) and a month (for ardent), the soil should be prepared for planting garlic. To do this, a mixture consisting of a bucket of humus, 1 tbsp is poured onto the alleged beds. l. superphosphate, 2 tbsp. l. potassium sulfate, one and a half cans of ash.

When choosing a landing site, you should avoid lowlands where melt water will accumulate, and elevations where wind prevails.

There are two types of garlic planting - winter and hard garlic. Winter crops are planted in autumn 1.5 months before the onset of frost, on average in late September - early October. After all, it is the good rooting of the plant that will provide excellent resistance to cold and frost.

Top dressing plays an important role in a good harvest. Each gardener chooses the top dressing for his crops himself. However, the most effective and best dressing of garlic in the spring is done with a mullein with water in a ratio of 1: 7. This happens about a week after the snow has completely melted. It is recommended to feed winter garlic only once during the entire period of growth and ripening (in contrast to hot garlic, which is fed 2-3 times) and this is done exactly at the time of germination, that is, in the spring.

Top dressing of garlic in the spring will be more effective if the beds are gently and moderately watered immediately afterwards.

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maybe the garlic is still spring, and not ardent? laugh

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I feed the garlic with nitroammophoska: I spread the matchbox of nitroammophoska on a bucket of water and spill it. The garlic grows large and beautiful.

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I think mullein is a very suitable fertilizer that can really increase the harvest of garlic. But usually I apply this fertilizer in the fall, in the spring there are enough other works in the garden.