Frost-resistant grape varieties

Frost-resistant grape varieties are preferred by most gardeners, because they require less attention and time to care, they can be planted near the walls of country houses, gazebos, various hedges and buildings.
Today, there are technical frost-resistant grape varieties from which you can make homemade champagne and wine, dry it for raisins, squeeze the juice, and eat fresh. True, there are not many such varieties:

  • Northern shoulder (in this variety the berries are the largest);
  • Marinovsky;
  • Mukuzani;
  • North Saperavi;
  • Bars;
  • Moscow sustainable.

The berries of these varieties are medium in size (3-4 grams), and the clusters are small (up to 300 grams), ripen in early September and even later. But for squeezing juice and making wine, the size of berries and bunches does not play a role, but a fairly high percentage in fruits is a weighty argument in favor of these varieties. In addition, the juice yield is 50% higher than that of table grape varieties.

Care features

Frost-resistant grape varieties are quite fruitful, but if this process is not intervened, the result may not be very good - overload and depletion of the bushes occurs, as a result of which the quality of the crop decreases, the ripening of berries is delayed, frost resistance decreases and the bush, starting to hurt, soon dies altogether ... Therefore, the harvest should be rationed. To do this, you can apply pruning bushes. It should be carried out in early spring: it is necessary to inspect the vine well, find dead eyes and prune. This process can be carried out in the fall, in which case the bushes will have to be removed from the support and pinned to the ground (under the cover of snow, the grapes will winter better).

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