Crafts from plastic bottles with your own hands

Man differs from all other creatures living on Earth in that he has a special creative gift, thanks to which he can transform, embody and make materially visible any idea, project, plan.


It is this creative principle that is meant when they say that man is created in the image and likeness of God. If there is a common creative, organizing and transforming principle of the world in the Universe, then a spark from it is discovered by a person engaged in creativity.

The need for creativity

If there is a desire, the opportunity to engage in creative activities can be found everywhere and always. To do this, you need to do any business that you do with your soul, and not just mechanically or automatically. In the process of daily cooking, in ordinary handicrafts using a needle and thread or knitting needles, embroidery, work with beads - a person embodies himself in a creative approach to any activity.

Crafts from plastic bottles with your own hands

Original handicrafts made of plastic bottles, corks, packaging material and other "garbage" have become popular, which amaze with their magnificence. You can create interesting children's toys from unnecessary material, introducing and teaching your children to creativity, which is of practical importance in our age of mass consumption. Craftsmen create entire structures in which you can even live, or works of art that you cannot stop looking at, from ordinary multi-colored plastic bottles.

Useful things from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles have almost completely replaced glass bottles because they are more convenient disposable containers for liquids. Empty bottles are usually thrown away. Or you can make wonderful DIY crafts out of them. For example, you can build a house whose walls and roof are made of plastic bottles held together with a mixture of clay and cement, or just polyurethane foam.

Greenhousemade of cut-bottom bottles and inserted one into the other will be great to keep warm. It is quite simple to make a washstand for a summer residence: cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle and attach it vertically with the neck down. Pour water on top, unscrew the plug a little - water flowed out.

Co-creation with children

And what do-it-yourself crafts from plastic bottles you can do with children!

  • pencil cups;
  • vases for flowers;
  • figurines of birds;
  • figurines of animals.

It is impossible to list everything. Happy creativity!

A few specific examples

In modern apartments, the sockets are arranged in such a way that when you turn on the phone for recharging, we have to put it on the floor, or you can make a simple cover from a plastic bottle. To do this, cut out the shape of a scoop from the bottle so that the neck is directed downward. In the upper, wide part of the bottle, on the long side, we make two holes for the plug to attach the cover to the outlet with the included power supply. We insert the phone into the case, passing the wire through the neck of the bottle, and in order to turn this useful little thing into a beautiful, stylish element of the interior, showing imagination, you can decorate it with paints or decorate with an applique.

Crafts from plastic bottles with your own hands

Using colored plastic bottles as an improvised material, you can make decorative curtains, furniture for a summer residence, decorate with plastic elements flower beds... An interesting suggestion for improving your physical fitness is dumbbells made of plastic bottles filled with sand. Those who have tried to deal with them claim how convenient, useful and enjoyable it is.

To make a simple and beautiful jar necessary for the household, you need to cut off the neck from a plastic bottle, leaving a cylinder of the required height, decorated with thick cardboard, from which we make a lid and a bottom. It will turn out to be an original, very cute little thing.

Crafts from plastic bottles with your own hands

If, after removing the bottom, cut several plastic bottles vertically into thin strips, connect them in the neck area and attach a stick in this place, you will get a comfortable rigid broom for gardening. Often you see feeders with holes cut in plastic containers, to which birds are already accustomed. Traditional green plastic palm trees adorn many courtyards and playgrounds.

While relaxing by the pond in the summer, it is easy to make a raft from bottles, instead of littering the surrounding space with them. How much joy and pleasant impressions the kids will get, and with them adults, in the process of joint construction and travel along the river on such a homemade raft. Many examples and detailed descriptions of the process of making crafts from junk material can be found on the Internet or invented by yourself.

The pleasure that a person receives from the creative process, regardless of whether he writes brilliant canvases or carves figures from wood, in itself has an unconditional value. The use of unnecessary things and the creative transformation of them into useful, beautiful and pleasant things pleases and inspires to your own creativity.

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You will have to try to build something like this in your summer cottage!

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I've already stocked up on a dozen craft bottles.

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Oh, human invention is very rich, on our playground the parents of such a crocodile threw off such a crocodile, just lovely !!!! And so if it is urgently needed, then I cut out cookie cutters from plastic, conveniently and quickly, and you can come up with a new shape every time.

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Interesting, of course, crafts, which is called "the need for invention is cunning." But somehow plastic bottles do not look natural and not environmentally friendly among natural and natural.