When is it better to plant onions in spring?

Green crops are most useful for the human body due to the huge amount of nutrients. That is why every gardener tries to plant a larger number of green crops: parsley, dill, onions, various types of salad, etc.


Today we will talk about growing green onions. It can be planted at different times of the year and in different ways - in spring and autumn, seeds and sets.

Preparing the soil for sowing or planting onions

A place for planting onions is chosen in the fall. The most suitable are loamy soils, acidic under the beds with onions are unsuitable. Onions grow well in the place where the predecessors were crops such as zucchini, cucumbers, melons, potatoes, tomatoes and legumes. Onions are a light-loving plant, so a place for it should be chosen with good sunlight. In the same place, onions are grown in the interval of 3-4 years.

When to plant onions in spring

Before plowing the soil, wood ash is introduced at the rate of 5 square meters, one bucket. This not only fertilizes the soil, but also reduces the amount pests in it. The desired effect is achieved only when the ash is fresh and dry.

To get juicy green feathers, before planting, it is advisable to fertilize the land with two or three annual humus at the rate of 3.5-4 kg per square meter.

Spring sowing of onions by seeds

The minimum germination temperature for onion seeds is + 2-3 degrees, so sowing should be done in the spring, when the night frosts stop. To harvest green onions as quickly as possible, sow them earlier, when the temperature is above zero only during the day. In this case, the beds with crops must be covered with foil overnight.

Sowing is done mainly by broadband method. The distance between the centers of the strips is from 25 to 30 cm. The seeds are planted to a depth of 2-3 cm, depending on the type of soil. The next sowing can be done after 2 weeks, then you get a continuous conveyor of the green onion harvest.

Sowing winter onions

Winter onion germinates 1-1.5 months earlier than onions sown in spring, and 15-30 days earlier compared to spring planting with sets. Winter onions tolerate temperatures down to -15 degrees without snow cover of the earth. In the event that the snow cover is several centimeters, the onion tolerates much lower temperatures. However, if the winter is harsh, with prolonged low temperatures and light snow cover, then the autumn sowing will be ineffective due to freezing of the onion.

When to plant onions in spring

Sowing winter onions is done by the same method as sowing spring onions. But you should know that there are special varieties and seed hybrids for winter onions.

Spring planting and caring for onions

So when to plant onions in the spring? According to many professional gardeners, the most favorable time for planting onions sevkami - the month of May. At this time, there is no possibility of frost, severe flooding of the soil and other negative nuances. It is also necessary to consider in what conditions the onion will be planted. If the landing is done in open ground, it is better to choose mid-May. If under the film (greenhouse conditions), then the planting is done two weeks earlier.

Sevki are small onions from the first seed harvest.In order to get a good harvest of greens from them and prevent forcing into the arrow, it is advisable to adhere to the following procedures:

  • two weeks before planting the seedlings, warm up to 45 degrees for 10-12 hours using a heating battery, electric fireplace or stove. After that, sort the sevok and remove the dry and diseased one. This procedure is the prevention of powdery mildew (oversporosis), which affects onions during a period of prolonged humidity and manifests itself in the form of yellowing, breaking of onion feathers and stunting;
  • before planting the seedlings, pour boiling water over for 2 seconds (if a significant cold snap occurs after planting in the early stages, then the yield decreases even after the seedlings have been doused with boiling water);
  • plant the seedlings in moist soil when it is warmed up by at least 7-8 degrees. The bulbs must be planted in prepared holes in such a way that the top is practically on the surface, that is, to a depth of 2 cm. It is strictly forbidden to press in the sets, this will provoke their ejection to the surface of the earth. The distance between the seedlings should be about 8 cm. Before planting the grooves, it is advisable to sprinkle with ashes.

When to plant onions in spring

After planting the seed beds, the beds are watered. Watering should also be done during onion sprouting if the weather is dry and hot.

Onion care provides for shallow loosening - only to a depth of 2-3 cm, as well as weed control. It is recommended to destroy the crust that forms after rain or watering, as it harms the onion and slows down its growth.

It is advisable to place beds with carrots next to the onion bed, since its phytoncides scare off the onion fly, a pest of onions.

Harvesting can begin in late summer - early fall, when the green feathers are gaining full strength and growth. With a strong desire, the feathers can be plucked earlier, then they will be very young small shoots.

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User avatar Wika

We always grow onions "for greens" in the garden. To plant it earlier than in May, in fact, never works due to unfavorable weather conditions.

And if the difference is in the varieties?

User avatar gidrapon131

My grandmother always told me that it is best to plant onions immediately after the thaw at the first heat. Was she right?

User avatar Klava

As soon as the ground thaws ... so that there is enough moisture, then a big and beautiful grows

VIN user avatar

I got used to planting my family bow for the May holidays. And by June, good arrows are ready. We cut them off, while they are young, and send them shredded to the freezer. So in one month we prepare an annual supply of green onions. Only it is necessary to pack in small portions, so that later it does not defrost often during use.

User avatar Tigranyan

It is better to plant onions before winter for many factors. And most importantly, in the spring there is a lot of gardening work and there will be no time for onions. We plant both garlic and onions only before winter and we think it is right.