Hercules onions are a good set for your garden

Onions are a very valuable and essential product. It increases the nutritional value of the dish, introduces a specific taste and aroma. But does everyone know that onions can be obtained from sets - planting material for growing large onions? You can grow it yourself from seeds (nigella), or you can buy it in the retail network.


Any gardener dreams of collecting a rich harvest of vegetables, including Luke... The grown crop must be preserved, and varieties with a long shelf life are better suited for this.

Hercules onion

The Dutch Hercules onion was bred specifically for growing for long-term storage. It can really last a long time, provided it is well dried.

Why the Hercules bow is good

The Hercules variety has many advantages, standing out from its “relatives”. This is facilitated by such qualities as:

  • long shelf life;
  • moderately pleasant pungent taste;
  • resistance to pests and diseases;
  • resistance to the formation of arrows;
  • high yield (8kg / 1 m2).

In addition, the Hercules onion forms a strong root system, thanks to which it tolerates drought painlessly.

Preparing Hercules onions for planting

Before planting, the onion sets are sorted out, damaged and dried onions are discarded, and the remaining ones are divided by size so that each caliber can be planted separately.

Before landing it is recommended to warm the onion. You can put it in a warm place for 2 days, or you can pour it into a container and fill it with warm water. After holding for 1-2 minutes, take out and cover with cold water for 2 minutes. Drain the water, spread the sevok so that the water is glass. This way of warming up will prevent the formation of arrows, which gardeners do not like very much.

Hercules onion

It is advisable to process Hercules onions for the prevention of fungal disease. It is done this way: onions are lowered into a prepared solution of 9-10 liters of water and a tablespoon of nitrophoska for 10 hours. After that, they are removed and placed in a weak solution of copper sulfate for 10 minutes. After that, the bulbs can be safely planted in the ground.

What soil is suitable for Hercules onions

Usually Hercules onions are planted in early spring, when the soil is rich in moisture, and the constant air temperature is kept at least + 10 C. Although this is an early plant, it loves warmth. For growing onions, choose a flat area with abundant lighting. It should not be planted in lowlands, where there is usually high humidity, because the harvested onion will not be stored for a long time and will quickly rot.

You can plant Hercules in the fall, starting 2.5 weeks before the onset of frost. For an autumn planting, a shallow set is better. Such an onion usually gives a good harvest, not inferior to the "spring" one, since it begins its growing season in advance. The bow planted before winter does not release arrows and is stored for a long time.

A bed for onion sets is prepared in advance: the soil is loosened, all weeds are removed and humus and mineral fertilizers are added, depending on the condition of the soil.

Hercules onion

For loamy soil, you can prepare a composition that includes: 5 kg of peat, 4 kg of humus, tablespoons of superphosphate, a teaspoon of urea. The quantity is calculated for 1 m2.

For sandy soil, the following composition is well suited: 1 bucket of peat, 1 bucket of humus, 1.5-2 buckets of clay soil, tablespoons of superphosphate, a tablespoon of urea (per 1 m2).

The bed with the prepared soil-peat mixture is covered with a transparent film and kept for 5 days. Everything is now ready to plant.

The distance between the rows should be at least 18-20 cm, and between the bulbs - 9-10 cm. Hercules onions take root very quickly and take root well.

Easy care - high yield of Hercules onions

The main onion care is weeding. Onions grow quickly, and weeds grow even faster, especially after rain, so they need to be removed in a timely manner. Removed weeds should be removed outside the garden bed without leaving them in the aisles. Because of them, high humidity may appear, which contributes to fungal diseases. For better air circulation, the aisles are well fluffed. So the onion grows faster, forming large bulbs.

If you notice that the feather grows poorly or turns yellow, you need to do top dressing. A glass of bird droppings and a tablespoon of urea are added to 10 liters of water. Watering at the rate of 3 liters per 1 m2. After 14-15 days, feeding should be repeated, but a different composition is prepared. Add 2 tablespoons of nitrophosphate to 10 liters of water. Water at the rate of 5 liters per 1 m2.

In order for Hercules onions to be stored for a long period, it is necessary to follow the rules of sowing and care, as well as fulfill the requirements for harvesting. Under normal growing conditions, fairly large bulbs grow from the seedlings. So that they have time to ripen before the autumn rains begin, at the end of summer, the feather is bent to the ground.

You can use another method to quickly ripen the crop. To do this, 2.5-3 weeks before the expected harvest, shake off the soil from the onion heads. This will provide air access and the bulbs will ripen and dry faster.

The onions prepared for storage are sorted out, dried and sent to storage in a cool and dry place.

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I have not yet planted the Hercules variety in the garden and my onions, as a rule, grew small in size, however, I never removed the dumb earth from the bulbs so that they ripen and grow faster. This year, I will try - to do it, and Hercules, I will look for next year.