Azalea godetia and its cultivation

Azalea godetia is considered an unpretentious flower that tolerates even frost well. Therefore, seedlings can be planted in the soil without fear that frosts will sharply hit in the spring.

The godetia plant, the photo of which makes you admire this flower, is great for landscape design and decoration of flower beds, rabatok. Despite the variety of varieties, terry godetia (or azalea flower) is most often found.

As for care, the plant prefers moderate moisture, the presence of nutritious soils and sunny open areas. If we consider the most optimal acid reaction of the soil, then she likes neutral. The main enemies of godetia are high humidity, rainy weather, pests and dry summers.

Growing godetia

As mentioned above, watering must be done in moderation. Only when this condition is met will the large-flowered godetia bloom profusely.

Twice a month, the flower bush must be fertilized with mineral dressings. Also, do not forget to remove faded flowers in a timely manner.

Godezia, considered relatively easy to grow, is pleasing to the eye with pink, white and carmine red hues.

Fulfilling all the requirements for caring for a flower, you can still face diseases such as rust and oversporosis. They are caused by fungi, which then cause stains on the stems and leaves. For pest control, you can use, for example, a fungicide.

If root rot appears, then the plant must be completely removed before it infects healthy flowers.