Dimorphoteka in the photo

In search of an interesting plant, the dimorphote in the photo can attract your attention, because this is a really beautiful flower. This decorative flowering plant is sometimes called Cape marigold. This is due to the fact that the plant looks like a marigold.

Dimorphoteka in the photo is not able to convey all the beauty that this plant possesses. It is drought-resistant, light-loving and thermophilic, which is why it is better to grow it in an open, well-lit place. It is desirable that it be protected from rain. The advantage is that the dimorphoteka is not afraid of the winds at all. If the climate is too hot, it is advisable to shade the plant, otherwise its growth will stall.

It is advisable to grow this plant on loamy soils, while they should be sufficiently loose and not too nutritious. A humid climate is bad for this plant.

In order for the dimorphoteka to bloom profusely and for a long time, it is worth constantly pruning the faded stems. The flowers of this plant are self-pollinating. Already in August, fruits with seeds appear on the branches. These fruits can be harvested when they darken and begin to spill out.

Dimorfoteka does not require special care. It should be watered in moderation and in no case should moisture stagnate. This plant will feel great in rocky gardens. Also, dimorphoteka can be grown in separate containers or flower beds. Cut branches of these plants are very decorative and look great in a bouquet. Without too much strain, you can greatly embellish your garden.

User avatar Tigranyan

Dimorphoteka has been growing for a long time and in our flowerbed it is indeed a wonderful flower for decorating a flowerbed. I think a very good bloom with bright colors for a long time! What do you think?