Cutting chrysanthemums is the best way to reproduce

Chrysanthemums can rightfully be called the queen of autumn, because at this time of year chrysanthemums bloom in the gardens of even the most inept amateur gardeners. At the same time, even the simplest type of chrysanthemum will decorate any garden at its true worth, and many amateur gardeners try to grow them in large quantities. The most common and rightfully the best is considered to be the cuttings of chrysanthemums.

Success in flower propagation in this way depends primarily on the chosen mother bush. To do this, during the flowering period, it is necessary to choose the thickest and most blooming bush, which in appearance looks healthy and compactly formed. To reproduce flowers in this way, it is necessary to prepare a mother plant, for which the bush is left in the soil for the winter and covered with mulch. If the winters are very harsh, then the chrysanthemum bush can be dug up and stored in a room with an air temperature no higher than + 1-5 degrees. It is necessary to cut off all the flowers from the bush, and try to keep the soil constantly moist, then the cuttings will quickly appear from the rhizome.

In the spring, when young plants appear and reach 5-7 cm, they can be broken off, and the roots can be cut off with a sharp blade obliquely. Young chrysanthemums are rooted in the soil at a constant temperature of +18 degrees, it is also necessary to provide them with constant moisture, for which the cuttings are often covered with foil or jars. The rooting process can take up to 3 weeks.

Cutting chrysanthemums is suitable for growing in any climatic conditions, it is only important to observe the temperature and humidity conditions during the propagation procedure.