Wild garlic onion

Wild garlic onions are also called bear onions. Wild garlic onion is a perennial, unpretentious frost-resistant plant that is very easy to grow.

Ramson has a narrow and elongated bulb, the diameter of which is up to one centimeter. Leaves are often two, their width is about 3-5 centimeters. Leaves on large petioles. In appearance, the leaves resemble lily of the valley foliage. Ramson has a peduncle that reaches a height of 20-30 centimeters. It is crowned with an umbrella with white flowers. The bow grows back as soon as the snow melts. Ramson blooms in May or early June. The aerial part of the onion dies off at the beginning of July, so when the flowering ends and the leaves fade, wild garlic cannot be found in the greenery of other plants.

You can eat fresh wild garlic, flower arrows and bulbs. All parts of this plant have a muted garlic smell and a sweet-spicy delicate taste. Wild garlic onions can be salted, fermented, pickled, dried, frozen, they are used as a seasoning for fish, meat, vegetable dishes and game. And from young leaves, a delicious spring salad is obtained.

Since ancient times, wild garlic onions have been considered a remedy that cleans the stomach and blood well. Wild garlic onions are used for diseases of the thyroid gland, bronchitis, otitis media, rheumatism and atherosclerosis. This plant also has an antimicrobial effect, it is used for scurvy. The wild garlic contains a large amount of vitamins, phytoncides, biologically active substances, mineral salts, essential oils. To eat wild garlic should be in small portions, as it can provoke an exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

User avatar Wika

As far as I know, in another way this bow is called a flask, which is a real find for vitamin hunters in early spring.

Marina867 avatar

I planted wild garlic for my son, as in spring it is necessary to support the immune system, and wild garlic is very rich in vitamins. And I really like its garlic taste, especially in salads.

User avatar KsyuTka

I would love to spread such a charm, but I don't even know where to get seeds or bulbs, and whether such a storehouse of vitamins will grow in the Crimean region. Never even tried it. Really want to!

Alla's avatar

And I found the seeds and planted according to the rules, but he took it and did not come up. Very disappointing. waited for him until the last, apparently the seeds came across to me of poor quality. Next year I'll try to plant it again, maybe I'll get lucky.

Lesya's avatar

I just can't manage to grow it ... The seeds are on sale, but apparently certain conditions are needed. I have planted it since autumn, and since spring with stratified seeds, it does not germinate. Apparently it is better to multiply it by dividing it, it remains to find in which dacha it grows and flourishes)

User avatar Petrovich82

I have a luxurious spruce growing at the corner of the plot, and under it I have attached wild garlic, and it has started perfectly. Every spring we eat it fresh. And also wild garlic (or as it is called in our Siberian flask) can be crushed with salt for the winter. It turns out to be a smelly, but tasty and very healthy delicacy.