How to choose a bow for planting

Despite the fact that winter is in full swing, gardeners and gardeners are already beginning to think about the future harvest, what material should be prepared, what fertilizers and chemicals to stock up on, or is it worth using traditional methods of weed and pest control? Onions are usually planted among the first. After all, this plant is successfully grown at home on the windowsill - on a feather. But how to choose an onion for planting, so that the harvest will please you and the effort spent is not wasted?

Yes, it would seem, what is the difference between torches that can be put in a glass of water and after a few days get the first harvest of green onion feathers? Most likely, there is no difference in this case, if only the bulb inside has buds for a feather.

In order to grow onions for food and storage, several conditions must be met.

First, the seeds or heads of the onions that you will plant must be dry and firm. Onions are grown from scratch in two stages. First, onion seeds are planted and onion sets are obtained. At the second stage, onion sets are planted and full-fledged bulbs are obtained.

In order to prevent fungal diseases of onion planting, seeds or onion sets before planting must be immersed in hot water - up to 50 degrees Celsius - for 15 minutes. When choosing a place to plant onions, you should remember that this plant loves warmth and sunlight. And therefore the place should be well lit by the sun, in the wind. Like any plant, onions need regular, but without waterlogging, watering and timely feeding.

Good luck!

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My mother and I always tried to plant tykanka onions, but the harvest almost always upset us very much. For some reason, it does not grow to the required size, some small and that's it. They stopped planting onions altogether ...

Anetta avatar

Onions always grew well, but there was a problem how to preserve them. For some reason, it began to rot from the inside. And this year we bought some poor quality set. All feathers turned yellow, almost as soon as they hatched. And then what they just did not do. We won't have a bow this year.

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In order for the seedling onion to grow well, it should not be too small and not very large, otherwise, in the second case, it begins to grow into an arrow, and I consider such bulbs to be defective.

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Initially, I bought small onion seedlings in the market in the spring and planted them. By the end of summer, the bulbs were not large. Then I tried to plant it myself with seeds. By the fall he harvested a seedling, and in the spring he planted it. The bulbs grew large and were stored perfectly all winter. And since then, he himself has grown a seedling onion from seeds and planted it the next year.
And the appearance of seed arrows on the bulbs of second years is inevitable. I just cut them off at the initial stage of growth and then they do not affect the size and quality of the fruit bulbs.