Geranium room

Among indoor flowers, a special place is occupied by pelargonium, also known by the simple name indoor geranium. Currently, flower shops are overflowing with a variety of varieties of this plant, differing in color, as well as the splendor of the inflorescences.

Indoor geranium is an unpretentious plant, however, for its successful growth, development, as well as beautiful flowering, you need to know about some of the features of this flower.

First of all, for pelargonium, it is necessary to choose a well-lit place, but without direct sunlight, which can cause burns to the leaves of the plant. A little shaded place is allowed. In case of insufficient light, geraniums can stop their lush bloom.

Air humidity for pelargonium does not really matter, since it gets along well both in dry and humid conditions. However, beginners should be aware that indoor geraniums are not sprayed.

In the hot summer, watering the plant should be abundant, the soil should not dry out. And in winter, water should be moderate. Despite the fact that geranium loves moisture, you should not flood it too much, since a prolonged stay in stagnant water can lead to rotting of the root system, and, consequently, to the death of the flower.

The correct temperature regime is very important for geraniums. In winter, the plant calmly tolerates low temperatures. A cool place is suitable for keeping it. However, the temperature should not drop below +10 degrees. In the summer, it is better to keep the flower outdoors, for example, on an open balcony.