Green onions on the windowsill: methods and rules of cultivation

In winter, the body of most people suffers from vitamin deficiency. The easiest way to replenish it with vitamins is to consume oniongrown at home. It is not only healthy, but also delicious.


Conditions for forcing onions on a feather

Conditions for forcing onions on a feather

The advantages of homemade onions are that they are available any minute. You don't need to go to the store for it. In addition, purchased onions are not stored for a long time, even in the refrigerator. If you store it in a refrigerator, it will quickly wither and lose its elasticity. Frozen is suitable for preparing various dishes, but after defrosting it cannot be used in salads due to loss of color, aroma and taste.

When buying an onion in a store, you cannot be sure of its environmental friendliness. Most likely, various growth accelerators were used during the cultivation. In addition, purchased onions are not cheap in winter.

The main conditions for growing green onions are a sufficient amount of light and moisture.

For growing Luke any dish that fits on the windowsill will do. You can install it in another place, but the bow needs as much light as possible, and in winter this is usually a problem. If it is necessary to accelerate growth, increase the temperature in the room and carry out additional illumination with a fluorescent lamp or a special phytolamp... Install it at a height of 60 cm. You can keep the lamp on around the clock.

Ways to grow onions on a windowsill:

  • In water
  • In the ground

Growing onions in winter is called feathering.

Growing onions in water

Growing onions in water

The most famous way to get green produce is to put the onion in a small jar of water. The disadvantage of this method is that the jars take up a lot of space on the windowsill, so you can't put a lot of them there. The water in them acquires a brown color over time, becomes cloudy. In addition, the yield with this growing method is small.

A huge onion (and this is taken so that it does not fall into the jar) gives up to a dozen feathers. Therefore, it is advisable to use such an onion in the spring, when it sprouts in the basement and releases greens on its own. In this case, it is not necessary to arrange it in a jar. Can be planted in a pot to any indoor plant. Then your winter garden will turn into a winter garden.

The advantage of this method is that no land is needed for forcing.

So that the bulbs grown in water could be arranged compactly, and the appearance did not spoil the interior of the room, special containers were invented.

Growing rules:

  • Water is poured inside, the supply of which is periodically replenished.
  • From above, it is closed with a lid with numerous holes, into which the bulbs are installed.
  • For growth, it is necessary that the supply of air in the water is constantly replenished. This will help make an aquarium aerator. If not, change the water more often. The water pipe is defended before use.

Onion dishes can be homemade. To do this, use any container into which a piece of dense foam rubber, wood with holes for bulbs is immersed. The main thing is that the bulb itself remains above the water.

Growing onions in the ground

Growing onions in the ground

The method of growing onions on a feather in the ground is based on the fact that the bulbs in the ground do not increase in size in winter, but dry out. Therefore, they can be planted close to each other.

The dishes should have holes for draining excess water and a tray where it will collect. Growing in solid bottom pots can cause feathers to wrinkle and fall off. The height of the dishes should be such that the bulb does not end up on the surface after the roots have sprouted. After all, the root is able to push it out if there is not enough space underground for it. There are special containers on sale for growing greens in the ground.

Onion on the feather is undemanding to the soil. After all, the bulb gives off all the accumulated useful substances, and they are usually enough for the greens to reach a height of 20-30 cm. But preference should be given to loose soil with an acidity of PH 6-7. Also use sawdust and sphagnum moss.

The soil is steamed in order to destroy possible pathogens.

A layer of drainage is poured at the bottom of a couple of centimeters, which will retain moisture. A layer of earth about 10 cm is laid on top. The bulbs are planted in it so that a third of them remain on top.

The temperature for growing onions should be around 20 degrees. A deviation in one direction or the other is possible. At temperatures from 23 to 27 degrees, the feather grows faster. In this case, the dishes with the planted onions must not be allowed to overheat in the sun. You can protect it by wrapping it in foil. Water the plantings as the soil dries out. It is better to do this not often, but in large quantities. If there is little moisture, the products will be too dry and tasteless. The advantage of the method: high productivity.

Preparing the bulbs for planting

Preparing the bulbs for planting

Any size and type of bulbs can be planted. But it is more expedient to use:

  • Onion sets
  • Multi-slotted bow

They also use the perennial batun onion, chives and leek small size. But it does not form ordinary bulbs, so it is dug up by the roots and grown as a flower. After all, one chives root will give up to a dozen sprouts. Usually it is planted and stored in a cellar, bringing to light in January-February.

Sevok is good because a large number of onions can be placed in the dishes.

After the feathers reach a height of 15-30 cm, they are pulled out, the feather is used as food, and the rest of the bulb is thrown away. Sometimes housewives pinch off the outermost feathers, leaving the central ones. The bulb can remain in the pot for up to 2 months.

The advantage of a multi-cut onion is that it produces not one but several sprouts at the same time. Therefore, the yield will be greater than when growing seedlings. Another name is kushchevka. The most famous varieties:

  • Timiryazevsky
  • Bessonovsky
  • Union
  • Danilovsky
  • Pozharsky
  • Shallot

If after harvesting you have small onions left, which do not make much sense to peel and chop for food, you can use them for forcing on a feather. Sevok can be bought in the store or grown from seed, the so-called nigella.

Usually, onions begin to be planted for forcing in January. Before that, he is in a dormant period. If you need to plant onions before the New Year, then the following methods are used to get the bulbs out of this state:

  • In the fall, the bulbs are kept in a refrigerator or cellar at a fairly low temperature. Thus, they will be stratified and will germinate more actively.
  • Before planting, non-sprouted bulbs are cut from the top to the point where they begin to expand. This procedure will help increase the amount of production received. Those who hatch are not cut off.
  • Before planting, the bulbs are soaked in a warm solution of potassium permanganate or water (40 degrees) for about 10 hours. This will promote rapid germination.
  • It is kept in a humid place until tubercles with root rudiments are formed at the bottom, and the cut point dries up from above.

Rules for growing onions at home

Growing onions

Onions are planted for distillation in January. In order not to miss the moment, a trial procedure is carried out.To do this, set one onion in the lower part of the water. Active root growth will indicate that it is time to plant the main array of onions.

You can plant all the bulbs you have at the same time. But the feather will grow to its optimal size in 2-4 weeks, and then it will need to be cut off urgently. Do you need so many green onions at the same time? It may be more appropriate to plant 3 dozen bulbs once a week. This can be done in one large bowl, but it is better to use several small ones.

All bulbs are cleaned of the top layer of scales before planting.

Carefully examine for rot, which appears as black and white dots on faded scales. After the preparation procedures, they are planted in one way or another. First, a week and a half is kept in a cool, not very lit place for root formation (weather conditions in early spring). Then the temperature is raised and installed in the brightest place in the room.

You do not need to fertilize onions. To increase the yield, you can water the bulbs, diluting 5 g wood ash in a liter of water. You can also spray greens with warm water to improve their presentation. But the onion must remain dry. The next drawer is then placed in a cool corner for germination... Thus, you can provide a family with green onions for the whole winter. In this case, the mass of the resulting green feather will be 2.5 rubles. more than the mass of the planted Luke.

More information can be found in the video:

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Even in summer, a green onion grows on my kitchen windowsill. I grow it in the ground, in ordinary pots. It then turns out sweeter. It is worse to grow on water, it is bitter, and the water itself does not smell good.

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I regularly sort out the onions, choose those bulbs that are starting to deteriorate and add them to ordinary flower pots with soil. Three such pots on the windowsill completely allow you to provide the family with green onions in winter.