When to plant potatoes: the right timing for a big harvest

Potatoes are an essential ingredient in many dishes, so it's not easy to do without it in the kitchen. It is also called "the second bread" and this is no coincidence. The diet of many inhabitants of our planet consists mainly of this food product. Of course, in order to always have this product on the table, you need to get it rich harvest... And for this you need to know the exact time of its landing, because a lot depends on it. In this article, we will consider the most favorable time for planting this crop.


What you need to know about planting potatoes

What you need to know about planting potatoes?

One of the factors on which the future harvest directly depends potatoes, is the time of its landing. If this parameter is taken into account correctly, then the probability of obtaining an abundant harvest potatoes increases significantly. With a negligent attitude to the timing of planting potatoes, its future yield is significantly reduced due to unfavorable environmental conditions, which negatively affect the germination of this plant.

For a large harvest, it is very important to take into account the timing of planting potatoes.

Many people timed planting potatoes directly for the upcoming May holidays. The reason for this is the large amount of free time that is so necessary during the working week. And if the weather does not fail, then landing in most cases occurs at this time. In fact, relying on the weekend in May in this case is not always correct. Since by this time the soil may not be ripe or morning frosts will persist, which can negatively affect the germination of potatoes.

Choice of landing dates:

  • Early planting in unheated soil will slow down the emergence of seedlings in plants.
  • If the planting time is delayed, all the soil moisture that enriched the land during the melting of the snow can evaporate.

These factors will also affect the future harvest, so they must be observed. In addition to them, there are various fungal diseases that affect potatoes if the exact dates for planting are not followed. It is also worth remembering this and taking this parameter into account.

Therefore, you should not neglect the established planting dates, otherwise many of your efforts will go to waste.

And for those amateur gardeners who do not know when they still need to plant potatoes it is worth reading this article more closely. It is about the exact dates of planting that we will now talk about.

Favorable period for planting

Favorable period for planting

According to many years of observations of professional gardeners and gardeners, the optimal timing for planting potatoes is the period of time when the soil layer warms up to a depth of ten centimeters. It is this depth that corresponds to the planting depth of potato tubers. At the same time, the temperature of these soil layers should reach about eight degrees, above zero. Due to this, the first seedlings.

Usually by this time the strongest morning frosts, which have such a negative effect on the germination of potatoes, have already ended.

Soil warming up to the indicated positive temperatures occurs at different times of the spring period. The decisive factor here is the climate and the period of the onset of this spring. In early spring, the timing of planting potatoes is carried out in most cases in the month of April, and with prolonged melting of snow or the prevalence of low temperatures, the process landing shifts to mid-May or even its last decade. Therefore, it is worth watching the weather and trying to get acquainted with the preliminary forecast for several days in advance. It is by the current weather forecast that you can judge the landing dates potatoes.

The people also have their own weather calendar, which directly affects the timing of planting potatoes. Such a calendar is called "folk", and has been tested by long-term observations of the weather. It is also worth relying on when determining the timing of planting potatoes.

The period of the beginning of planting potatoes according to the national calendar is the following phenomena:

  • Cutting through birch leaves
  • Dandelion flowering
  • Blossoming bird cherry
  • Active bird song
  • Warming up reservoirs

All these signs indicate the beginning of the potato flowering period and the warming up of the soil layer to the required temperatures. By the way, the heating of the soil layer is a rather unpredictable process, since this parameter often depends on the geographical location of the area where such a crop is planned to be planted. Usually, the further south a settlement is located according to its location on the map, the earlier potato planting begins.

What is the result of planting potatoes at the optimal time for it?

What is the result of planting potatoes at the optimal time for it?

If gardeners and gardeners support the parameters given in the text and plant potato at the right time, they are most likely to get the largest yield at the lowest cost. This parameter contributes to the appearance of early shoots on potatoes (after a month) and minimal involvement of human labor. And the frosts, according to the signs, are almost completely weakened by this time.

Secrets of getting a good harvest of potatoes:

  • For a start, it is worth planting those potato tubers that have already sprouted and gave significant sprouts.
  • Then the cooked the seeds early potatoes, and after them - late. In this case, gardeners in the same way carry out harvesting: first early potatoes, and then late.
  • Sprouted potatoes sprout faster, especially if they are planted in the established sowing juices.
  • Usually, the planting dates, determined by folk signs, fall precisely at the beginning of May. Therefore, the most optimal period for planting potatoes is precisely the first decade of May.
  • Sometimes this period is shifted to an earlier or later, but it must be taken into account before landing. This is the only way you can get a harvest of potatoes, which will be enough not only for food, but also for sale.

Before you start planting potatoes, you should carefully study the upcoming weather forecast, which will tell you not only the timing of planting potatoes, but will also strictly limit your time to different weather conditions.

More information on how to plant potatoes can be found in the video.

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Alla's avatar

Somehow I didn’t know that I also needed a favorable time for potatoes. We just plant it when spring has come and the garden is dry and ready for planting. We must try to plant it correctly.

User avatar Vladislav111

Like the author of the article, I think that it is foolish to rely on a specific month, in this case, on May. Moreover, in different regions the weather is different this month, and it differs from year to year. But that's for sure about folk signs, I plant potatoes myself, listening to the national calendar.

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In our region, potatoes are planted very early, in April, and some gardeners, even at the end of March.Here, the main thing is that green sprouts do not disappear during frost. The potatoes are harvested when the bushes began to dry, usually in August.