Helpful tips from strawberry care videos

Personally, even at the mention or pronunciation of the word "strawberry", increased salivation immediately begins! This berry is so tasty and fragrant that it simply will not work to refuse and not eat it.

Of course, now is not the time when strawberries could only be bought in the summer. Now, at any time of the year, go to the first store and buy imported berries. But only the question immediately arises: is this purchased imported strawberry so tasty and healthy? Wouldn't it be better to grow your own and fully trust the berry that you yourself grew?

In my opinion, the answer is obvious: of course, it is better to give preference to those berries and fruits that you have grown with your own hands.

I know that many summer residents consider strawberries not so easy to care for, they say, you need to constantly do something with its mustache, weed regularly, and so on. But without labor, nothing will come of it! Of course, you need to make an effort to get something. And, as practice shows, caring for strawberries is not as laborious as many believe.

In fact, strawberry bushes are looked after more thoroughly only a couple of times per season! And the rest of the time they enjoy flowering and sweet berries. I watched more than one strawberry care videos and from each I made a lot of useful tips, which I will share in this article.

Spring strawberry care

  • The first thing in the spring, upon arrival at the summer cottage, is to carefully examine all the strawberry plantings. This is required to identify during inspection of the bushes frozen out during the winter and to remove them.
  • If most of the leaves on the bushes are green, but some of them are yellowed or brownish-black, then such damaged leaves must also be removed.
  • Loosening of the soil is an important step in spring care. It will be necessary to loosen both the soil between the bushes themselves and the aisles. Loosening the soil will have a beneficial effect on the air permeability of the soil and on the development of plants.
  • In the spring, strawberries need fertilizing. This is important in order to help the plants bloom successfully in the future and then set the berries.
  • Already in the spring, it is necessary to establish watering of the beds. It is recommended not to let the soil dry out in the strawberry beds. Therefore, at least once a week, plantings should be watered abundantly.

Summer strawberry care

  • Summer strawberry care involves a minimum of labor-intensive efforts. Like all berries, fruit trees and vegetables, strawberries require regular watering. It is best to use warm water for watering strawberries, rather than cold water. You can fill the containers with water in the morning and leave them in the sun until the evening to warm up.
  • It is very important to weed out the weeds in the beds so that they do not take nutrients from the soil in the strawberry beds. If this is not done, then large and tasty berries are unlikely to be obtained.
  • If, during the setting of fruits or an already ripe crop, pests are found on strawberries, you need to carefully study the drugs to combat them or use folk remedies to combat parasites.
  • It is recommended to apply peat fertilizers and compost to the beds with plantings. It is better to mulch the soil even before the berry ovaries have appeared.

Strawberry care in autumn

  • The most important thing to do before wintering is to provide a safe hiding place for the strawberries. If we neglect this, then the probability of survival in the cold of strawberry bushes will be reduced to almost zero. In the spring, then you will have to completely renew the seedlings, spending a decent amount on it.
  • A variety of shelter materials can be seen in all strawberry care videos, but I prefer to use the simplest material for this - regular straw! Well, something, but there is a lot of straw on the garden plot. When sheltering, make sure that the layers of straw evenly cover each strawberry bush.
  • If you do not have straw, then you can replace it with spruce branches, fallen leaves. The main thing is that the material is not too heavy, so that the plants under it do not break.

As you can see, special care for strawberries does not require anything. All activities are simple and familiar to any gardener. There is practically nothing that strawberries stand out from the mass of other garden plants, so you should not be afraid to plant them. In order to delight yourself and loved ones with natural berries, I think it is worth getting beds with strawberries.

In the summer, you can enjoy the freshest berries right from the garden, and in the fall you can make a lot of blanks: jam, compotes, jams and the like. If we talk about picking berries, then strawberries are best picked in the morning and it is better not to give berries to overripe.

I hope these simple tips will help many gardeners grow a great harvest of this sweet and aromatic berry!

User avatar yana21

Thanks for the complete care review! As far as I understand, don't touch it at all in winter? And you can get a link to a video describing the care - I would love to see it.

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you can find a lot of useful materials on YouTube)

User avatar anegovora

I grow strawberries in beds, constantly watering, pushing and tearing off my mustache. But for some friends, it grows by itself, like strawberries. And their harvest is no worse than mine. Maybe I'm trying in vain?