Fuchsia seeds and its cultivation

Fuchsia is an incredibly beautiful floral plant that is widely used both as indoor flowers and garden plants. Fuchsia flowers are distinguished by a variety of shapes and shades, which depend on the type of plant, and their color is so beautiful and unique that it even gave a name, which is often used to determine the color of various objects. For example, you can often find the definition of "fuchsia color" in the description of clothing, accessories or cosmetic products.

Fuchsia is grown most often from seeds. Fuchsia seeds can be purchased at the store or obtained from a plant of this species at the end of its flowering period. At this time, in place of the fuchsia flower, a box is formed, in which the seeds are located. They just need to be removed from the box and placed on a paper towel to dry. After that, they must be planted within six months, since over time, fuchsia seeds lose their germination.

It is recommended to sow fuchsia seeds in February, although if the conditions necessary for its cultivation are observed, germination of seeds is possible at other times of the year. It is recommended to germinate fuchsia seeds in a scanty substrate, mixed with a small amount of peat without adding fertilizers. The optimum temperature is 20-24 degrees during germination and 15-20 degrees after the first shoots appear.

As for lighting, fuchsia seeds require bright enough light, but without direct sunlight. Fuchsia seedlings are grown in most cases using the picking method.

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