What flower garden is complete without chamomile? Almost everywhere we can find many varieties of chamomile that adorns our homestead. Feverfew is a type of chamomile that is prized not only for its beauty.

This plant is perennial. The plant is grown from seeds that can be perfectly harvested at the end of flowering. This chamomile grows in bushes, no more than 30 cm high. It has pleasant green stems and yellow or white flowers.

The value of this plant is not only in beauty. Feverfew is famous for its effect on ticks, cockroaches, fleas and other pests. The deadly poison pyrethrin, which is found in flowers, kills all sorts of pests. Moreover, this plant is completely safe for humans and animals.

This flower is best planted in partial shade. It perfectly tolerates all kinds of soil, the main thing is that there is good drainage. The plant does not tolerate waterlogging or extreme dryness. It is necessary to moisturize in hot summer, but in autumn to refrain from watering.

Seeds are sown in May in the ground. If you want to plant earlier, then feverfew is sown in the greenhouse in April. When planting seedlings, it is necessary to make a distance between flowers of 30 cm. With such a planting, this flower will bloom in June or July. Sometimes feverfew can give a second color in August or September.

It is periodically necessary to loosen the ground and monitor the presence of moisture in the ground. You can fertilize chamomile with a ready-made fertilizer for flowers. This type of chamomile will not only embellish your flower bed, but also make sure that you are not disturbed by all sorts of pests. Happy growing and beautiful flowers.