Forming the crown of trees is a matter that requires a special approach, not to mention the skills and principles of pruning. For example, in order for trees to yield more crops, they need to be properly pruned. Then their crown will be beautiful, the trees will not grow large and it will be much more convenient to harvest. And the formation of fruit trees requires a special approach and special tools, which can be found in more detail in this section.

Ornamental shrubs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a hedge. Of course, she needs to be beautiful and neat. Therefore, pruning of ornamental shrubs should be carried out according to a special system that must be studied.

In addition to trees and shrubs, indoor plants also need shaping. But you need to know which flowers need to be domesticated and which ones should not. Pruning indoor flowers is carried out at a certain period and each plant has its own. An individual approach will help you organize a real blooming greenhouse at home. How to do it? This section contains the information you need.

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