How to learn and grow American Lakonos


The decorative American lakonos cannot be confused with another plant. It is a large herbaceous plant. Often found on the Black Sea coast.

Bright American Lakonos

North America is considered the birthplace of the American lakonos. When it became mastered, the plant was brought to Europe. Here he was raised as a decorative one. In Russia, this plant has become wild, it grows in the southern regions. It has many popular names:
  • lentil berries,
  • oily grass,
  • Jewish ivy,
  • kermes berries.
The location should be well lit, this culture often suffers from frost, regardless of the season. It is better if the plantings were made in a place that is protected from cold winds.
The plant does not need soil with special properties. Light, medium-heavy, not too acidic soils are best suited. The culture belongs to the moisture-loving. Since his root system is quite powerful, he supplies himself with the necessary level of moisture on his own.
When frosts come in the fall, the stems need to be cut off at the base. After that, the lakonos is covered with peat for the coming winter period. Humus or leaf is also suitable, with a good layer, about 10 cm.
By dividing the rhizome, the plant is propagated. For this, early spring is suitable. It also propagates by seeds. They are sown immediately after harvest. The seeds of the fruits are small, so a strong depth is not needed for their embedding. Seedlings are not characterized by different times of appearance. They appear in the spring if the ground is already well warmed up. Perhaps some of the seedlings will bloom in August, in the year of appearance. When the second year comes, the American lakonos needs to be planted in permanent places.