Vitamin actinidia and its planting



Many people know that actinidia is a vitamin fruit. It is exotic, but it has been learned to grow even in cold conditions. It is worth recalling that kiwi also belong to this genus.

How actinidia is grown

How to grow this berry vine? There are several types of it. For cultivation, a variety of different ones are used. Experience has shown that in order to obtain a result, it is necessary to properly care for the plantings. Even in a fairly cold temperature, you can get the result. Planting is usually carried out in the spring. The size of the depth of the planting pits, which are also called grooves 60 - 70 cm, 40 - 60 cm deep. Each pit must be treated with the introduction of nutrient soil, humus in the amount of 10-12 kg, 100-200 g of superphosphate fertilizer. You will also need:

  • Lay out the bottom with drainage, for example, with a layer of fine gravel;
  • Plants are planted at a distance of 1.5-2.5 m in a row;
  • The planting is carried out 2-3 cm from the root collar;
  • After planting, abundant watering is carried out, several buckets for each plant;
  • After watering, the soil must be mulched with peat, as well as rotted sawdust and compost;
  • For pollination to take place, male and female plant species are planted at a ratio of 1 male. for 10-15 women;
  • When the landing is made, you need to immediately install the supports.

In autumn or spring, it is recommended to prune spoiled branches and weak bushes. This must be done before the start of the sap flow. In winter, plants are covered if they are young. This requires peat or humus, which is laid around the root necks. This is how actinidia is planted in a variety of conditions.

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User avatar Vasilisa Andreevna

And I, to my shame, do not know at all what it is. I heard from my grandmother, but did not take into account. Now my own garden, I'm interested. It would be interesting to listen to those who develop actinidia. What to cook from it? Delicious?