Ultra early or very early potato varieties

Early varieties of potatoes are harvested for food when the plant still has green tops, and the skin of the tubers is very, very thin. Such tubers lose moisture extremely quickly and therefore cannot be stored for a long time in hot weather. All early potato varieties are divided into three groups: very early, early and medium early with a ripening period of 40-60, 60-70 and 70-90 days, respectively.

The most popular very early (or early ripening) varieties among domestic gardeners are Timo, Ariel, and Riviera, which are valued for their unpretentious care, high yield and excellent taste. Timo is the real leader in ripening time among all table varieties. It feels great under almost any weather and climatic conditions (this variety is grown in almost all regions of Russia), has high yield rates, is practically not affected by various diseases, in particular, potato cancer, and is perfectly stored for a long time.

No less productive is the variety called Ariel, a characteristic feature of which is the absence of darkening of the tubers during cooking and the ability to harvest two crops in one season. This potato practically does not react to leaf curling, various viruses, as well as nematodes, however, it is very susceptible to late blight of foliage. The Riviera variety can also yield twice a season (mainly in the southern regions), it has an excellent presentation and good taste, and can be stored for a long time.

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User avatar Oleg

I stopped planting these varieties. First of all, several times the bushes died from frost, another problem, beetles from early varieties instantly attack the seedlings of ordinary ones. They eat almost at the root.

User avatar Egorr

We also often have frosts in the spring, so I try not to rush into planting early potatoes. But later in the summer, the temperature allows you to quickly get a quick harvest from ordinary varieties.

Goshia avatar

In our region, potatoes can be planted in April, and sometimes even at the end of March. Therefore, all three early potato varieties listed in the article will give us two harvests per season.