Purple onions are better for salads and fish


The purple onion is a sweet onion variety. In Ukraine, purple onion is also called Yalta, because it is in that region that it can be grown. However, there are many varieties of purple onions that are grown in different countries, but it is the southern sun and climate that most reveal all the taste of this onion.

Purple onion has anti-tumor and anti-allergic properties due to the fact that it contains a vitamin compound - the flavonoid quercetin. Onions are very useful for people who have been in regions with an ecological disaster or who have undergone antibiotic treatment.

Purple onions or red onions are very beautiful, thanks to which any dish acquires not only a rich taste, but also acquires colors and visually the dish looks more interesting. Such an onion has a purple-red skin, purple, the flesh is not pure white, but interspersed with shades of red. The bow can be of any size; the bow head itself can be flat or round. This onion is more often used in salads, as it has a mild, sweet taste and crunchy texture. When cooked, the onion loses its color and taste, and the dish acquires a not beautiful bluish tint. Red onions are also great with fish. This onion keeps at room temperature for about four months.

Onions can be grown in three ways either through seedlings or seeds or through onion sets. It is necessary to plant onions in the spring under a film or in a greenhouse, which, after establishing heat, it is advisable to remove them. In spring, onions are extremely delicate, develop well when sufficient moisture and warmth are present, but tolerates a slight cold snap well. You cannot deeply cultivate the soil if you are growing onions from seeds, you can only gently loosen it with a rake.

At the very beginning of summer, the onions should be thoroughly watered so that there is no dry soil, as there is an intensive growth, however, it is impossible to pour the onion, otherwise fungal diseases will appear. In the middle of summer, onion heads begin to ripen; for this period, warm and dry air will be best.

Harvesting onions is best done in warm and, most importantly, dry weather, then the onions will last longer. Lying green onion stalks indicate that the onion is ripe.

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User avatar alexxa

Purple onions taste sweet and are, in fact, most often used for salads. But what varieties can be grown not in the southern regions of the country? I would very much like to eat healthy purple onions even in summer, but I'm afraid it won't ripen in our northern regions.

Masha avatar

Some farmers write that it is quite likely that it will mature, however, it will lose its taste, it will not be so rich and tasty.

User avatar KsyuTka

In Crimea, such a bow is called "Yalta", because grows in the mountains, and has a flat shape just so that the winds do not blow away from the slopes. Or is it a different variety? What's the difference?

Sage user avatar

And in stores on the price tags of such a bow they usually write "red". And my grandmother called him "blue". It seems that everyone sees this bow differently)))

I really love this onion, it is not only delicious, but also very decorates salads. But I wouldn't call it sweet, not at all. It bites how!