Confidor extra: instructions for use of the insecticide

Cultivation of crops is impossible without the use of pest control products. It is advisable to use preparations based on natural raw materials. But often they don't act fast enough. In this case, you need to use chemicals. One of them is Confidor extra.


Description of the drug

Description of the drug

The effect of Confidor extra on pests combines contact and intestinal action. This means that it acts on insects in two ways:

  1. The tool destroys pests immediately after contact with their skin.
  2. Insects that have not been poisoned eat the processed plants and disappear.

The effect of the drug Confidor extra is due to the presence of the substance imidacloprid in it. It is this that causes paralysis of all organs and systems of insects. They stop moving, they cannot eat. In about 3 days, insects die. Both adult pests and larvae of different stages of development disappear. It does not affect only insect eggs.

The drug is effective against most types of pests. It destroys even those that do not respond to other drugs. It is successfully used against small and invisible pests. This is:

The manufacturer of the drug Confidor extra is the German company Bayer. Release form - dispersion granules. On the market, the drug is presented in packages of 1 and 5 g. Those who need a large amount of the drug can purchase a bottle weighing 400 g.

Treatment with Confidor extra can be carried out in various ways. You can spray the plants with a preparation diluted with water from a sprayer. They are also applied together with mineral fertilizers in the spring. The drug can be used to treat garden crops, trees, shrubs, including decorative ones.

Features of Confidor extra

Features of Confidor extra

How does Confidor extra differ from other means of pest control of agricultural crops:

  1. It is highly effective against the main types of pests. Its use is more economical than the use of mixtures of pyrethroids and organophosphates.
  2. The drug works for a long time. This is due to the fact that it is not washed off by rain from the leaves. Therefore, the period when it protects plants is long - from 2 weeks to a month. It does not depend on weather conditions. Works even at high temperatures, up to 29 ° C. The active substance penetrates into the plant through the leaves, stem and root.
  3. The first processing results are noticeable within a couple of hours. But most of the pests will die in 2-3 days.
  4. The fact that the drug has a contact-intestinal effect makes it possible to use it to destroy small insects, which are difficult to notice with the naked eye. Therefore, at the first signs of damage (for example, twisted leaves when aphids appear), the area must be treated.Even if the poison does not get on the pests, after a while they will still disappear, eating juice or plant leaves.
  5. The drug Confidor extra not only destroys garden and vegetable pests. It restores and accelerates cell proliferation, so the affected plants grow back quickly and return to normal. Growth and development are also improved root system plants if the soil is very dense and lacks air.

Manufacturers claim that the drug Confidor extra is not phytotoxic, that is, it does not poison the plants that are processed. But still, eating fruits that have succumbed to its effects shortly before is not worth it. Therefore, when spraying vegetables or fruits, you need to calculate that at least a month has passed from processing to harvesting. Plants are also not sprayed during the flowering period of agricultural crops. Indeed, during this period there are a lot of bees on them.

The Confidor extra tool has been developed relatively recently. Therefore, most insects have not yet had time to adapt to it. This explains the high efficiency of Confidor.

Solution preparation and application rates

Solution preparation and application rates

The processing process is described in the instructions for the drug Confidor extra:

  • Cut off the corner of the bag containing 1 g of the substance.
  • Pour its contents into a container intended for this (not into the sprayer tank), pour a little, about 100 g, of water. This is necessary in order to qualitatively dissolve the drug.
  • Mix thoroughly with a wooden stick until completely dissolved. Then add water, bringing the amount of solution to 10 liters.

In this case, the concentration of the solution will be correct. But the drug does not completely dissolve in water. There is still a fine residue that can clog the sprayer holes. Therefore, before use, the solution must be filtered through cheesecloth folded several times or a sprayer mesh.

This amount of solution should be enough for spraying about 200 m2. If the area to be treated is larger, it will be more expedient to buy a package weighing 5 g. Usually it is cheaper than 5 packages of 1 g each, and you will have to dissolve the drug only once instead of five. Its contents are also dissolved in a small amount of water, then poured in a fifth for every 10 liters of water. The drug should not be stored in a diluted state for a long time. It must be used on the same day.

Spraying is best done in the morning or late afternoon.

This will help protect the bees that die from the drug. It is best to spray at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. At the same time, it should not be lower than 12 ° C.

The rates and methods of introducing Confidor extra depend on the type of crop being treated:

  • When processing potatoes per 100 m 2 is 1.5 ml. For large areas 200 ml of substance per 1 hectare. Estimated number of sprays 1.
  • For protection tomato and eggplant from the Colorado potato beetle, thrips or aphids, 1 treatment is carried out, making 250 ml per 1 hectare.
  • Extra Confidor for spraying tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse against aphids and thrips invisible to the eyes. They are processed once a season, using half a liter of the substance per 1 hectare.
  • There are usually many pests hiding in the garden, which are not easy to spot. To treat the garden, the drug is used against leaf aphids, apple miner moths, and Californian scale insects. Up to 8 trees usually grow on 1 acres. They are treated with Confidor extra 1 time per season, dissolving 4 ml of the product in 10 liters of water.

Safety measures and storage conditions

Safety measures and storage conditions

The drug Confidor extra does not harm the environment. For people, it is low-toxic, belongs to the third class of hazard. Very harmful to fish. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor that the bags containing the drug do not get into rivers and lakes.The packaging needs to be burned, the sprayer tank should be washed and the leftovers should be poured into places where bees do not fly or take a bribe, for which Confidor extra is also harmful. It is impossible to use dishes for food after preparation of the preparation, even after thorough washing.

It is necessary to prepare the solution and carry out the processing of plants in protective clothing.

Hands are protected with gloves, eyes - with glasses. Do not smoke or eat while working with the drug. After the treatment is completed, wash the exposed parts of the body thoroughly, rinse the mouth. If a poisonous substance enters the body, weakness appears. The stomach may malfunction, get sick and start to feel dizzy. When the first signs of poisoning appear, you need to stop spraying, leave the place of work.

There is no antidote for Confidor. Therefore, local measures must be taken. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them with clean running water. If the poison gets into the stomach, they induce vomiting, after drinking as much water as possible. Then they drink a few tablets of activated carbon. After carrying out these procedures, you must definitely go to the hospital so that the doctor can determine the degree of danger and help in treatment.

It is necessary to store the drug Confidor extra in places where children cannot penetrate. It tolerates a slight drop in temperature, up to 5 degrees below zero. The maximum storage temperature is 25 ° C.

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