Which walk-behind tractor is better to choose for the garden

The versatility of machines is very popular these days. Instead of a variety of technology, you can have one copy that can do everything. For work on the site, such a mega-universal are motoblocks, which you will see both on farm fields and in the farmer's gardens.

A walk-behind tractor for a zealous owner dealing with land is a necessary technique. If earlier the cultivator was also welcome, now the walk-behind tractor will help to cope with any difficult work in the garden, in the field, in the garden - just change the attachments. The cultivator is far from him, he can only prepare the soil before the sowing campaign, removing weedsmixing fertilizer with loose soil. But the walk-behind tractor has a richer set of functions.


Unit description

Unit description

A walk-behind tractor is often called a mini-tractor because it is similar to an agricultural machine in terms of its technical characteristics:

  • The mechanism includes a chain reducer that works efficiently with a powerful motor.
  • Many models provide a wide range of speeds associated with forward and reverse gears. On the front, the machine does all the hard work.
  • The motor is tied to the axle shaft by a drive, which makes it easy to turn the unit.
  • The powerful tread of the two wheels ensures high cross-country ability of the unit on loose soil.
  • By weight, the mechanisms are divided into light ones - up to seventy-five kilograms, medium - one hundred and twenty, heavy ones weigh up to two hundred kilograms.
  • Having a low speed, the car has a great pulling power.
  • The mini-tractor is started with an electric starter or manually.
  • And for power-type attachments, a power take-off shaft is required.
  • In the set of the unit, you can find the adjustment of the handles, the unlocking of the differential, the emergency handle for an urgent stop.

It's good when all the characteristics of the purchased walk-behind tractor are available, this will allow it to perform a large number of functions of different quality.

What is the walk-behind tractor used for?

What is the walk-behind tractor used for?

The universal machine can perform all the necessary and important work on the site, in the field:

  1. Having hung a plow on the unit, in the spring they plow the heaviest soils, even virgin soil. The machine is able to raise the deep layers of the soil, carefully turning them over, mixing, which helps the earth to prepare for sowing, saturated with oxygen. Thanks to plowing, the soil moisture level will be much higher than from digging with a shovel.
  2. There is work for a nozzle with teeth - harrowing, which destroys the dense upper crust of the earth, removes weeds.
  3. Rows can be processed with a hiller potatoeslifting the furrows. Growing tubers will receive more oxygen, and strawberries will get rid of excess moisture. This will help prevent gray mold infestation.
  4. To work on a potato field, the walk-behind tractor has accessories that will help you plant and dig up a vegetable crop.
  5. Using the seeder, you can onion, garlic, stick the seeds into the ground.
  6. If the complete set includes a rotary mower, then the lawns will be mowed throughout the summer.

The purpose of acquiring a walk-behind tractor, clearly defined by the peasant, will allow you to choose the appropriate model of equipment.

Machine starting system

Machine starting system

You can start the walk-behind tractor either manually or using an electric starter. Some well-known manufacturers offer both types of engine starting on their models.

The starter can bring the car into working condition at any time of the year, despite the low air temperatures, the type of fuel. But such a starting system requires a rechargeable battery. The device requires constant charging, which can be done using the built-in generator or battery charger.

Engine options

Engine options

Agricultural machinery has two types of engines:

  1. Diesel engines are more durable and reliable, with a service life of three thousand hours. They consume little fuel, and wear out after a long time. They are distinguished by a fast rotation frequency, therefore, the soil is crushed into small pieces. The only drawback is their large size, the inability to start in the cold season.
  2. The external parameters of engines running on gasoline are much less. Professional knowledge is not required to use a gasoline engine, but such devices wear out faster and fail. But at a cost they are lower than diesel ones.

The power of the mini-tractor also needs to be known in order to calculate the degree of complexity of the work performed. For small areas, a weak unit with a maximum of four horsepower is suitable. If you need to process half a hectare, then you need a model of seven horsepower with a capture width of ninety centimeters. A plot of one hectare will require the most powerful engine for a motor-block of ten forces with a wider working width. On vast fields, the walk-behind tractor has nothing to do, there is only work for the tractor.

It will be necessary to consume more fuel with a strong power walk-behind tractor.

Powerful engines are needed to process heavy soils - clay, virgin. It is they who will be able to help the walk-behind tractor to bite deeper into the ground without slipping. The clutch of an agricultural machine usually has a single-disc and multi-disc design, as well as a belt. On heavy walk-behind tractors, a more reliable one is installed - disc.

An important role in the trouble-free functionality of the unit is played by the gearbox, which must be collapsible, which will allow you to troubleshoot it. Non-disassembled ones in case of breakage will have to be replaced completely. These parts can be made from cast iron, which is the highest degree of strength, or from aluminum. Of the designs of gearboxes, one must choose those that consist of gears. The worm gear is characterized by rapid heating, which leads to frequent stoppages in operation. It is necessary to choose a walk-behind tractor not only taking into account the cost, but also the technical characteristics, reliability, durability.

Additional functions of the station wagon

Additional functions of the station wagon

The set of the walk-behind tractor rarely includes all hinged structures. Additional equipment will have to be purchased separately:

  • The main functions of the plow include plowing, including uncultivated areas.
  • You can use a rotary mower to prepare hay and mow grass on lawns.
  • Make pre-planting furrows, spud potato planting under the power of the hiller.
  • Autumn digging of potatoes and other root crops will be easier with the help of a potato digger.
  • The aerator makes holes in the soil, saturating it with oxygen, which allows the garden plants to breathe fully.
  • By connecting a rotary brush to the unit, you can put things in order on the paths, sidewalks, removing all the debris.
  • A chopper is prepared from ground grass, tops compost.
  • The motor pump will facilitate the procedure for watering the garden.
  • Special devices in the form of a snow spreader, shovels, brushes perfectly clear areas of snow.

The motoblock will cope with another task - the transportation of various goods.The purchased trailer will help fertilize the garden with manure, will allow you to clear garbage from the territory, take it to the landfill, and bring building material for the improvement of the site.

A large number of different attachments for technology will require a lot of engine power.

Tips for choosing the best walk-behind tractor

Tips for choosing the best walk-behind tractor

Buying a universal machine to facilitate work in the garden should be deliberate, taking into account the requirements that you want to present to it:

  1. You have a small vegetable garden - no need to purchase a powerful machine, a light type of engine with a small working width will do. The increase in power and width will go depending on the area of ​​the cultivated land.
  2. Heavy loamy soils will also require a powerful ten horsepower unit weighing over a hundred kilograms. For such a soil, it is better to choose a diesel engine with a long service life, high tractive power, and low fuel consumption.
  3. If you want to use attachments - a plow, a hiller, a potato digger - then the machine will need metal wheels that catch on the ground.
  4. The power take-off shaft is a necessary element of the mechanism, since it is possible to connect a rotary mower, a snow thrower, a motor pump, a potato digger to it.
  5. The trailer will also require large pneumatic wheels on a walk-behind tractor with a diameter of forty-five centimeters.
  6. If the main functions of the walk-behind tractor include cleaning a vast area from snow, then a carburetor engine that works perfectly at low temperatures will also be needed. And a pulley is suitable for driving the device.
  7. You need to pay attention to the handles of the mechanism, because they should be comfortable during operation. It's good if they can be adjusted in height. It is also necessary to turn with the handlebars one hundred and eighty degrees, this will make it easy to operate the machine while transporting goods. The unlocking lever is a necessary link of the walk-behind tractor, which makes it easy to deploy the equipment at the end of the row.
  8. It is good when the unit has an automatic shutdown, when it is necessary to save the equipment from breakdown during dangerous situations. To protect the operator from stones, branches, clods of earth flying out from under the cutters, there must be a special casing on them.

The best motors for station wagons will be those produced by Honda, Greenfield. Four-stroke engines work efficiently, as they are highly reliable and economical.

The choice of the motoblock manufacturer depends on the power of the equipment, its cost. Of the easy options, the Salyut and Neva models are in first place. Belarus, the Chinese Bison, boasts of heavy machines. Many domestic models are equipped with high-quality motors from Japanese companies, for example, Honda.

More information can be found in the video:

Workhomemoss avatar

Our minifarm consists of 40 acres. Therefore, the purchase of a walk-behind tractor was not only a holiday, but also a significant relief both for us and for the soil. A walk-behind tractor is not a shovel. It processes the soil well, thanks to which the yields have increased significantly. High versatility. You just need to take a good one and spare no money.

I have three plots in the village, without a walk-behind tractor. I will bring a planting plant on it, and plant it, and process it, and I will take the crop back. The only thing that requires constant repair and maintenance, but he earns his own maintenance.

User avatar Tigranyan

I believe that the walk-behind tractor should be taken universal, and that the land can be plowed, you can bulo, and pick up the cart. And for the winter, put the snow auger. But this one is very expensive. It's almost a mini tractor)

User avatar Olga Mironovna Sveridova

My husband bought a walk-behind tractor, which is both powerful enough and not very expensive.Now we form the beds with its help and use various devices. For example, a hiller and a harrow.

User avatar Tigranyan

Respected by me Sveridova Olga Mironovna, and besides the hiller and harrow, what other attachments do you and your husband use? And how much is your walk-behind tractor? Two-stroke or four-stroke?