Brief information about such an annual as zinnia dahlia

Dahlia flower group. Plant zinnia dahlia-flowered branched from the base, quite powerful, up to 80 cm high. Inflorescences are purple, dense, hemispherical, up to 12 cm in diameter. It blooms from July to September. It is used for the beautiful decoration of flower beds, cutting.

Agrotechnics. The plant prefers fertile soil and a sunny location. Loves enough abundant watering. Propagated in April by sowing seeds in seedling boxes. The seeding depth should be 0.5 m, soil temperature + 22-25 ° С. Seedlings usually appear on the 7-10th day. Seedlings habitually dive into pots. Seedlings are planted in open ground at the beginning of June, while maintaining a distance between these plants of 30-35 cm.

Everyone knows such a dahlia-flowered zinnia as a scarlet flame. This magnificent annual is a very powerful plant, branched from the base, up to 70 cm high. Dense hemispherical dahlia-flowered inflorescences have a diameter of up to 12 cm, and are distinguished by their red color. Blooms from July to September. Also used for beautiful decoration of flower beds, cutting.

The characteristics of agricultural technology are the same as described above.

The next annual is dahlia zinnia called magic rose. Its height can reach 90 cm. The color is pink and lilac. In terms of other characteristics, it is similar to a scarlet flame.

This plant has always attracted increased attention among gardeners. Since it has very bright colors and it is absolutely not difficult to grow it. Any garden will sparkle with new colors if it contains dahlia-flowered zinnia.

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What a beautiful flower, for a long time I wanted to plant one in my front garden, but did not know the name. Now I will definitely buy seeds and plant it. Moreover, now I already know how to look after him and what conditions he likes.