Renovation and design

The dacha is a suburban residential building with adjoining land of a given size. Fresh fruits and vegetables, sunshine, fresh air and a lot of impressions - all this is a summer residence. Unfortunately, everything decays and loses its neatness. The dacha needs careful maintenance and refinement.

This section of the site will tell you how to make repairs in the country with minimal costs and loss of time. The charm of the room and the comfort in the house after reading the instructions for the repair are guaranteed! Repairing a porch in the country is an important stage in creating a dream country house, and all the necessary information with colorful illustrations on bringing the threshold and basement in order can be found here.

Do not forget that a country cottage may well become a real delight for the eyes of its owners. Pay attention to the design of the site in the country presented in the resources of the site. Here you can observe how natural forces, a modern residential building and human comfort merge into one composition.

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