Strawberry Zarya and its cultivation

Strawberry Zarya belongs to the early varieties of plants. If you want to identify it by its appearance, then, first of all, tall bushes and small berries of a bright red color, having a sweet and sour taste, are thrown into your eyes.

In general, if we consider strawberry varieties, then conditionally they can be divided into those that bear fruit once a season, and remontant, which give a constant but modest harvest from spring to autumn.

The aforementioned Zarya strawberry is just the same vivid example of the first variety. This variety needs a fairly abundant watering. Otherwise, caring for strawberries is exactly the same as for other species.

But the so-called remontant strawberry is much more popular, as a person gets the opportunity to enjoy delicious fruits throughout the entire summer season. True, from one bush you collect a little less berries at a time. In addition, remontant strawberry varieties are much more demanding in care - they need fertile soil, proper watering and other conditions.

Before you start growing strawberries, decide on the variety that suits you. As for the palatability of the fruits, they can be assessed only after the harvest has been harvested. If you are not yet very versed in strawberry varieties, be sure to plant several. Then remember the ones you like the most.

Thus, when choosing a strawberry variety, study its care requirements. Also consider how much you want to harvest per season.