Growing marigolds from seeds

Every autumn, marigolds bloomed in the flower beds near our school. They still remind me of my youthful years, and sometimes I even want to return for a day to that carefree time. But, alas, no one can turn it back.

My grandmother also loves these flowers very much, and my son and I often come to visit her, and we return with a small bouquet blazing with bright colors. Marigolds, unpretentious in care, attract also by the fact that they bloom half of summer and autumn, right up to the frosts themselves. They will grow in almost any conditions, even near the highway, poisoned by exhaust gases. But at the same time, the flowering will be very scarce. And for a good housewife, this plant blooms profusely, resembling a yellow-orange flame.

Gardeners often practice growing marigolds from seeds. It is better to choose an area for them open (especially for tall erect varieties), sufficiently illuminated. These plants prefer fertile soil or frequent feeding. You can sow seeds in greenhouses or in open ground. In the second case, the ground should already be warm enough. Before sowing, it is better to add superphosphate and ammonium nitrate to the soil.

The seeding depth, which is most suitable for growing marigolds, varies from 1.5 cm to 3 cm. Unless you plant late and the ground is already a little dry, then we increase the depth to 7 cm. If these simple rules are followed, the plants take root well.

Marigolds are practically not damaged by diseases or pests. Moreover, they even protect neighboring crops from some fungal diseases and nematodes. Only in drought can a spider mite appear on them. You can fight it with onion infusion.

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