Growing petunias is possible even for beginners

Probably, all gardeners (even beginners) already know this unpretentious flower plant. Petunia is not demanding to care, it can grow almost without interference from the owners, but still the secrets of its cultivation exist.

Growing petunias often begins with buying and sowing seeds. If you want to breed an ampelous petunia, then in this case you will need to attend to the purchase of cuttings, since this type of petunia does not propagate by seeds.

After all the seed planting activities have successfully completed with the emergence of seedlings, the seedlings of petunias have grown stronger in the spring months, they can be transplanted into open ground at their summer cottage or into pots and hanging pots.

So that in the future the cultivation of petunia brings only pleasure, the following rules must be observed:

  • the substrate for planting should be loamy or sandy loam, slightly acidic or with neutral acidity.
  • plant plants in well-lit areas of the garden, hang pots with ampel varieties on the sunny side.
  • on especially hot days, petunias need good watering, at other times the plants are quite drought-resistant.
  • Provide the petunias with regular fertilizing to ensure a decent bloom.
  • protect plants from strong gusts of wind and rain, as their stems are rather fragile.

If you inspect the flower beds and pots with petunias on time for faded flowers and remove them, you will help the plants to lay new flower buds, form buds and delight you with new flowering.

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The flower is really quite unpretentious. And he tolerates the transplant, and grows quickly enough. The main thing is not to forget to feed - petunias love it very much. And the pot must be big.