Someone prefers to mainly engage in gardening, and breaks each free square of land into beds, while someone dreams of planting flowers and planting an orchard. How many people - so many desires. Before making the zoning of a land plot, starting from the chosen style of the cottage and your wishes, you need to decide in advance what and where will be built.

Territory zoning is a clear plan, where to equip an area for work and rest, how everything will look like. If you are a sociable, sociable person, a lover of guests and noisy companies, consider a recreation area with a sports ground, a patio where barbecues and barbecues will be fried, with a swimming pool. If you like peace and quiet, you can build a gazebo next to a small waterfall, and the quiet noise of the flowing water will dispose you to philosophical reflections ...

There is a hill on the backyard - turn it into a mountain of fairy tales with gnomes, if the depression is a pond with water lilies. It is very important to zoning the garden, taking into account the area and your preferences. If it is not easy for you to figure out the choice among such a variety - welcome to our section!