Weeding is one of the most unpleasant, difficult and repulsive activities among the whole range of work in the country. Judge for yourself: harvesting is much more interesting, and most importantly - tastier, a tree house is much more fun to do, and housework is so great to develop a strong hand and working skills. In the section of the site about weeding, you can find a lot of unexpected and useful information about this obligatory and important process in growing a crop.

Many of the site's recommendations will greatly facilitate weeding, introduce you to ergonomic methods of weeding, as well as modern agricultural equipment. Weeding strawberries from now on will not be so tedious, weeding potatoes with a walk-behind tractor will greatly facilitate the work of a gardener. Without this element of the soil cultivation system, a decent crop cannot be grown. Let weeding be as convenient and efficient as possible. A cultivator for weeding, special techniques for organizing crop care, the frequency and timing of weeding ... There is something to read in this section!