Preparing for winter

Cold weather is a difficult test not only for people, but also for plants. Preparing trees for winter is of great benefit. They, like shrubs, unlike herbaceous plants, are susceptible to wind and frost, since they are high above the ground and freeze easily. Equally important is the preparation of peonies for winter, taking into account all the nuances, ignorance of which will lead to the loss of these wonderful flowers. For example, peonies blooming in spring and summer near a tree, for the winter it will be better to transplant to an open place, cut, if necessary, water and cover with a "fur coat".

This section is devoted to such an important topic as preparing plants for winter. How to feed the soil depleted over the summer, planning the beds for the next year, what planting material should be planted in the fall, wintering bulbous plants, preparing and processing trees and shrubs, pruning, even watering in autumn - all these questions are covered in great detail and exhaustive answers are given to each.