Association of a rural house in the fall - slush and mud, because the paths were earthen, mostly trodden. Shoes stained with wet earth were an integral part of the country life. Today is a completely different matter! Civilization burst into the territory of a country house. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can equip the adjacent territory according to our taste and desire. Surprisingly, even country paths nowadays play the role of decor, becoming an important element of the country landscape.

The design of paths in the country is not an easy matter, as it seems at first glance. After all, it is necessary to make them not only strong, durable and beautiful, but also so that they can be easily put in order. How to make paths in the country, which tiles for garden paths are best suited, what to start from when choosing a material for building paths? Are you intrigued? Then you are here! This section will guide you along the paths of the summer cottage so that even in a heavy downpour, you will enter the house with clean shoes.