Oats: growing and caring for them

The oat culture, the cultivation of which in practice is considered quite simple, is sown one of the very first. This should be done when the ground is still moist enough. The fact is that oat seeds must absorb about 65% of water from the mass of the grain itself (for comparison, barley requires only 50%). By the way, if after sowing the oats a little snow falls, then this is not terrible, and the culture will not suffer from it.

How to grow oats?

Sowing oats includes a number of standard procedures: spring deep loosening and harrowing. In addition, fertilizers must be applied: potassium salt, superphosphate and ammonium nitrate. As a rule, no more than 25 seeds are sown per square meter. As for the sowing depth, it depends on the type of soil. So, on heavy soils, the depth is 3 cm, on dry and light soils - 4-6 cm, on reclaimed swamps - up to 2 cm.

Sometimes growing oats gives people only aesthetic pleasure, as they enjoy the appearance of this culture. But keep in mind that after oats, white cabbage, beets and carrots grow well on the ground.

If you are interested in the most suitable precursors for oats, then give preference to plants such as corn, legumes, winter crops and pulses. In no case do not plant oats after beets, as they dry out the soil greatly, and it, in turn, is in dire need of moisture.

In general, caring for oats is not difficult, and therefore this crop is great for beginners who have just started to master agricultural technology on their land plot.

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