Growing onions in winter - the secrets of success

With the onset of winter, prices for vegetables and herbs in stores and markets are skyrocketing. If buying vitamin-rich greens and vegetables becomes too expensive for you, you can try growing some of them yourself.

And it is not necessary for this to have extensive landing areas, basements in a country house. Often, greens grow well on a regular windowsill.

Growing onions in winter can even be put on stream and thereby improve your financial situation by selling surplus.

To grow green onions on your own, you need to consider the fact that this culture requires bright lighting to grow successfully.

The soil for planting should be fertile, with a sufficient amount of humus, but at the same time loose, not contain clay, various foreign inclusions.

It is preferable to buy not onion seeds for growing at home, but sets. This will give you green, fresh onion arrows faster.

You should also consider what is the temperature in the room where you plan to grow onions.

If this is a rather cool room, and the temperature there does not exceed + 10-12 degrees, then the ripening of onion feathers will have to wait about 45 days after planting.

In the case of a temperature regime of +25 degrees, onion cultivation in winter is significantly accelerated: after about 3 weeks you will already be able to collect feathers of proper quality.

The bulbs are planted in containers tightly to each other, slightly pressing them into the ground. It is not necessary to cover them with earth to the very top of the head. Watering should be regular, but do not overdo it, otherwise the bulbs may rot.

In order for the feathers of green onions to be fleshy and juicy, not to wrinkle, it is necessary to provide them with strictly vertical bright lighting for 12 hours a day.

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Foxi avatar

And I just put the onion in the water. I like it that way. I even noticed that my family eats more green onions in winter than in summer.

Julia avatar

It is also possible to get into the water, but often it starts to panic still actively))

Goshia avatar

In early March, we planted onions on greens in flower pots, we had a couple without flowers. We put them on the windowsill, but, for some reason, the onion does not grow well, although we water it normally and the days are already long now. In my opinion, onions grow much faster in water.